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the boy with a thorn in his side

I think my look today is rather boy-ish. it's the cardigan, I guess. I feel it has a masculine touch, because of the low v-neck, the front pockets and maybe because of the grey color. I was trying some stuff out to put together my look for the day and morrissey popped in my head. as soon as I've got my mind set on something, there's always a related song that pops into my head. I listen to music all the time so I guess it's natural. the black and white stripped t-shirt was a natural choice, it's so brit pop. now, back to my look, I know I can't quite sell this as entirely masculine. I mean, what kinda guy wears earrings that have a girl's face painted on them, or a chair necklace, but you get the point. as much as I adore dresses, sometimes you gotta take a break and put on some comfy jeans just to change things up. I do not believe that someone has to define his/her style in exact terms. I think style is something that needs to constantly evolve and change. I could not see myself dressed in the same way all my life. I strongly believe in experimenting new things and giving up prejudices. I love putting on an ultra feminine look one day and then a masculine one the next one, then a dark, punk or vintage look the next and so on.

cardigan, t-shirt: thrifted * pants: no name * earrings: handmade * necklace: pull&bear

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