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Orange is the new black

Skinny Buddha orange maxi skirt maternity

I rarely alter my clothes, mainly because I am too lazy, and this time I am super glad I did not manage to shorten this skirt. It was a bit too long and was giving me kind of a hard time to walk in it as it got caught in my heels. Now I just hike it up over my waist line, which in fact is non existing at the moment, and the pleating in front is hugging my growing baby bump in all the right places. I can now wear it with flats, even if it drags a bit, but at least I don't risk tripping over it. The tricky part is that none of my pants fit me anymore and neither do some of the skirts, so I might have to start to alter some of them and turn them into maternity wear instead of buying new stuff. I am sure my wallet will be happy with this decision.

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Gonna soak up the sun

Skinny Buddha shirt dress heart shaped sunglasses

Last week, those of you who attended the Fashion Fridays Summer Fair at No Name Beach had a chance to hang out with me and my friend Laura, and most importantly to shop items from our wardrobes. It was soooo good for me to take a break from work, relax and hang out with fashionable people. I took advantage of our fabulous location, soaked up some sun and even took some dips in the pool to cool down. My trusted shirt dress was the perfect cover up to wear over the swimming suit and these heart shaped sunglasses have basically been glued to my face ever since. They are super fun to wear during the summer. What do you guys love to wear when going to the beach/ swimming pool?

photos by: Andrei Cacuci
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Swimwear shopping

swimwear swim suit shopping shein
                      1. Shop here                                        2. Shop here                                     3. Shop here

Still haven't found the perfect swimsuit this summer? Same here. I am forever on the lookout and I have prepared for your some choices at affordable prices. I couldn't decide between modern shapes and cuts versus retro swimwear so I've selected a few pieces to cater for all tastes. The high waist bottoms might not fit my baby bump for too long, but they look so flattering. 

swimwear swim suit shopping shein
                   4. Shop here                                           5. Shop here                                  6. Shop here

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So come on let it go, just let it be

Skinny Buddha grey dress chain harness

Here's a better glimpse at my expanding baby bump! And while this brings nothing but happiness into my life, it does also  bring some minor wardrobe issues. I have said goodbye to my waistline a few weeks ago, and now it's time to rummage the closet for looser fitting attire. I cannot wear anymore anything that is fitted on the waist or non stretch, so this casual dress which you can shop here is a smart choice for the months to come. I can wear it loose or tied with the cord, and statement necklaces like this chain harness are the perfect accessory. I don't expect investing a lot in maternity clothes this summer, I just need to remix some of my older pieces and make them work.

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Oh baby!

Skinny Buddha 20 weeks pregnant baby

I'm just going to come out and say it: I'm pregnant!!! Truth be told, I'd rather scream it from the top of my lungs. You cannot imagine how exciting this is! My baby bump isn't really showing that much, but I am 20 weeks along (about 4 and a half months), which means I am half way through my pregnancy. Everything has been going rather smoothly so far, I cannot complain, and hopefully things will continue on the same track. My boyfriend and I will be expecting our baby girl towards the end of November. Our lives have already made quite a significant turn and she isn't even here yet. Cannot wait to meet this mini fashionista!

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Beautiful dreamers

Skinny Buddha Sheinside Blue Halter Ruffle High Low Dress

More often than not, I find happiness in the simplest of things. Like taking a walk on a cool summer day, hanging out with my girls, wearing a breezy summer dress that makes me feel like a princess, taking a day off from work and not really doing anything. Today was one of those days and I am enjoying my long weekend as best as I can, grateful for these peaceful and relaxing moments. This dress is surely what dreams are made of. When I walk around in it the back floats behind me and I feel like I am on a movie set, all eyes on me. It's not always about the way the dress you wear looks like, it's more important how that dress makes you feel when you wear it. And you definitely cannot have a bad day wearing this!

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Did I build this ship to wreck?

Skinny Buddha H&M floral dress

I don't know about you guys, but this heat is making me delirious. I can barely think straight! Can I just move my office out here in the park, or better yet somewhere near water? I'm not very picky, I don't demand an yacht or anything, just allow me to sit on a pier or piece of land somewhere near a lake, river or sea so I can take a dive and cool off from time to time. Or better yet, can I turn into a mermaid and live underwater this summer? See, I told you I was delirious. Meanwhile, I'll just sit here and enjoy the fact that I have successfully matched my hair to my floral dress today. This must count for something!

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