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willow trees play the water like a harp

I really stocked up on skirts this summer. What can I say, hurray for sales! I got 4 amazing skirts at H&M while in Italy, and this is one of them. I couldn't believe this one had a starting price of 129 euros and I got it for a mere 20. Score! I've seen this had a matching peplum top but unfortunately they were all sold out. I absolutely adore the detailing on this one: the cutouts, the super soft fabric, the length and the sexy slit in the back. I paired it with a striped top and blue studded sandals for going out with the girls one afternoon. I've been really trying to wear separates more, and challenge myself. During the summer I tend to gravitate towards dresses more, because let's face it, you just throw one on and you're ready to go.

shirt, sandals: Zara * skirt: H&M
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i wanna wear my face like you

i got some awesome make-up products from mac as a birthday present and i couldn't wait to put them to the test. i  don't wear make-up on a regular basis, mainly because i'm too lazy to put make-up on in the morning, and i'm not very good at it either. i did try my best today and here is the result. i went for a clean face, strong eyebrows and bronze eyeshadow to match my hair and my favorite sandals. as for the outfit, i am wearing my favorite skirt of the moment, making its first appearance here on the blog. i just love the eerie felling you get looking at this cabin in the woods print.
- mac select cover-up concealer
- mac face and body foundation
- mac magically cool liquid powder
- l'oreal red infaillible lip liner, used as eyebrow pencil
- s-he brown eyebrow pencil
- flormar bronze eyeshadow
- sephora triple action mascara

top: thrifted * skirt: h&m * sandals: jeffrey campbell * clutch: vintage * necklace: diy
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birthday girl

yeap, today is my birthday! i'm 29 and it actually sounds scarier to me than the big three zero. so, i will keep this super short because i want to enjoy the last minutes of this day. spoiler alert, this will include a big bowl of ice cream and curling up in bed watching friends for the zillionth time. i didn't get a chance to document today's outfit (it wasn't that interesting anyway) so here's some pictures we took at night in front of the coloseum while in rome. 

 dress: c&a * belt, sandals, bag: thrifted
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ain't that the way it always starts

i was never really a shoe person, but i am slowly becoming one. i don't believe in spending huge amounts of money on shoes that look good but are torture for the feet. but then came jeffrey campbell. you would think after seeing them all over the internet i would be sick of them by now, but i guess not. after buying my first pair of litas i became quite obsessed with them and i've been wanting to get a pair of sandals ever since. i waited patiently and intended to buy a pair while on vacation in italy. pieces of advice: don't ever buy leather shoes in italy, they are overpriced even on sales (125 euros for a pair of j.c. sandals on sale, are you kidding me???). instead i found this pair of studded foxy sandals right here in timisoara, on sale, for a very reasonable price (round 70 euros). i had to wait for them a few days because they were out of stock, but now they are mine, all mine. i already wore them a couple of times and i love the edge they bring to each outfit. wore them today with a faux leather skirt and bird printed shirt, both acquired from h&m while on vacation.

shirt, skirt: h&m * sandals: jeffrey campbell
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creatures of the sun

don't know about you guys but the heat has been unbearable around here these days.  after spending the entire saturday in our apartment, felling too lazy and lethargic to move a muscle, we decided to flee the city and take a road trip on sunday. we didn't escape the heat but at least we were on the move and we had air conditioning in the car. late in the afternoon we stopped by this beautiful sunflower field to take some pictures. strangely enough the sunflowers were oriented away from the sun. you always expect them to face the sun at all times. maybe they also had enough of this heat and turned their back on the mighty sun's rays. it's kinda ironic but on the very day you were supposed to celebrate the sun - after all that's where the name sunday comes from - we tried our best to run away from it.

dress: vintage * ring: h&m
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a sorta fairytale

this is the second set of pictures from the photo shoot i was telling you about in my previous post. the setting is still dream like, reminiscent of fairy tales. this time the look was a lot warmer, with a bright orange lipstick, but yet again minimalistic. i was super excited to be able to do my own styling for these shoots. i went for a dress in earth tones, very delicate and light, with an artistic brush strokes print. the dress is definitely the star of the show so i didn't want to over style it, so i decided to go barefoot. in the end i became quite fond of this barefooted tree hugging persona we created.

 dress: stella mccartney * ring: h&m
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come closer and see, see into the trees

a couple of months ago i had a photo shoot for a very talented make-up artist. i'll keep you posted once her website is up so you can see her entire body of work. this was my very first professional shoot and i was super excited and nervous at the same time. the artist chose as location a young forest just outside the city with trees planted in perfectly straight rows, and the light there was amazing. i was embodying a modern day forest fairy with a dark side. this first look was very strong and fierce with minimalist makeup, a very clean face and green lips. it was such an amazing learning experience for me and i had so much fun doing this. it's absolutelly amazing how make-up can change the way you look and feel.

dress: stradivarius * boots: jeffrey campbell * fascinator: meli melo
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sailed the seas for a thousand years

these pics were taken before we boarded on the ferry that would take us to the island of sardinia. while waiting for our ship to dock we gazed at the gigantic cruise ships in the harbour and fantasized about cruising around the world like millionaires. or maybe that was just me. my oh my, it was the first time i ever saw such ships and i swear they were 10 times bigger than the building i live in. the sea was emerald blue, the breeze blew softly and the air was salty. we were definitely getting ready for the relaxing part of our vacation. we would spend almost a week in sardinia, going from one fabulous beach to another, hanging out with good friends, sipping on white wine and mojitos and eating delicious sea food pastas. now that's the life! please don't remind me that it's all over and i have to be in the office tomorrow.

dress: amisu * sandals: zara * sunnies: h&m
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