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ain't that the way it always starts

i was never really a shoe person, but i am slowly becoming one. i don't believe in spending huge amounts of money on shoes that look good but are torture for the feet. but then came jeffrey campbell. you would think after seeing them all over the internet i would be sick of them by now, but i guess not. after buying my first pair of litas i became quite obsessed with them and i've been wanting to get a pair of sandals ever since. i waited patiently and intended to buy a pair while on vacation in italy. pieces of advice: don't ever buy leather shoes in italy, they are overpriced even on sales (125 euros for a pair of j.c. sandals on sale, are you kidding me???). instead i found this pair of studded foxy sandals right here in timisoara, on sale, for a very reasonable price (round 70 euros). i had to wait for them a few days because they were out of stock, but now they are mine, all mine. i already wore them a couple of times and i love the edge they bring to each outfit. wore them today with a faux leather skirt and bird printed shirt, both acquired from h&m while on vacation.

shirt, skirt: h&m * sandals: jeffrey campbell


  1. I love your look so much! Every piece is great!
    Not a shoe person myself, but I begin going that way little by little. :D

  2. crazy about your shoes. :)

    let me invite you on my new blog:

  3. i like the way you're using h&m pieces ;D nice!