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creatures of the sun

don't know about you guys but the heat has been unbearable around here these days.  after spending the entire saturday in our apartment, felling too lazy and lethargic to move a muscle, we decided to flee the city and take a road trip on sunday. we didn't escape the heat but at least we were on the move and we had air conditioning in the car. late in the afternoon we stopped by this beautiful sunflower field to take some pictures. strangely enough the sunflowers were oriented away from the sun. you always expect them to face the sun at all times. maybe they also had enough of this heat and turned their back on the mighty sun's rays. it's kinda ironic but on the very day you were supposed to celebrate the sun - after all that's where the name sunday comes from - we tried our best to run away from it.

dress: vintage * ring: h&m

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