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break me on the thirty-seventh hour

don't know about you guys but i am in desperate need of a vacation. my body needs some rest. i've been dragging this cold for about a month and a half now, i've been on and off meds, things started to look better for a couple of days and then it would start again with full force. and it's just a freakin cold, why can't i shake it off? after two days in a row running a fever i am slowly starting to feel better. i am dressing purely for comfort and warmth so my outfits have not been very inspired lately. that's why for today's post i decided to wear something i wore last week but didn't get a chance to take photos of. yellow is definitely not my favorite color but i found myself more and more drawn to mustard lately. i love that it goes really well with a lot of other colors, of which i chose green and blue for this ensemble. most of the times i try to mix things up differently but sometimes i like to recreate an entire ensemble and wear it multiple times just because i know it works.

 top: stradivarius * skirt, belt, bag: thrifted * wedges: bb up
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and i go back to black

another thrift shop opened up in the proximity of my workplace and last week i went to check it out. though it was rather small and i didn't expect to really find anything i kept on browsing through. and i am sure glad i didn't give up after a few glances because i ended up buying 2 great summer dresses and this fabulous pleated skirt. i initially had in mind to alter it and cut it knee length, but then decided to give a go to this midi length trend everybody's been so excited about this season. it works, i kinda like it, makes me feel kinda grown up. next time i'll try and pair it with a black lace top maybe for a darker, more mysterious look. i love it when this happens, i see a piece i like and i instantly know what i would wear it with and how many ways i can style it.  i've been really into pleated skirts lately and if i ever spot a peach one i'll declare myself most satisfied. that's until i begin to crave for something else, of course.

 shirt, skirt, belt: thrifted * bag: zara * wedges: bb up
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put a jumpsuit on, come on, come on

except for this fabulous bag and a dragonfly printed shirt i picked up at zara i cannot say i was very excited about this season's sales. but then i laid my eyes on this amazing jumpsuit at h&m, which wasn't on sale, and i knew i had to have it regardless of what the price tag said (luckily it wasn't too pricey). the colors are more suited for fall, so this might be from their fall collection but i forgot to check. i was instantly drawn by this rich dark shade of green and the softly colored petals. it is also super nice to the touch and so light and breezy. i got lots of compliments at work on this, and many asked if this was custom made, which only strengthened my belief that this is one special piece that i will treasure for a long long time. i almost felt too dressed up for work, which rarely happens. i can just see myself wearing this with high heels at a fancy event. oh my, how much i've grown :)!

jumpsuit: h&m * bag: zara * sandals, sunnies: random
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all sparks will burn out in the end

i didn't actually get a chance to take proper daily outfit shots while in barcelona, mostly because i was so distracted by everything around me. these photos were snapped on our second day there around sunset, hence the strange lighting and off focus. my girlfriend and i both picked up these amazing leather bags at zara that day. we were so excited we dashed back to the apartment to change and then went for a walk on the promenade followed by dinner, displaying our new purchases. the light in these pictures doesn't do justice to how beautiful this color is, but i promise you'll see lots of this bag from now on, so better pics will follow. mine is a bright orange red and my girlfriends picked up an electric blue one. we sure did turn some heads with these brightly colored bags in our hands. i paired mine with a red pleated skirt and a butterfly printed tee. i 'm really sorry i didn't get a chance to snap a few pictures of my girlfriend wearing hers with a blue dress with white paint splatter. maybe next time i'll see her...

top: amisu * skirt: h&m * sandals: random * bag: zara
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postcards from barcelona

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skinny buddha barcelona

there's no combination of words i could put on the back of a postcard to sum up my short vacation in barcelona. i can barely put my feet back on the ground, this is how much i loved and enjoyed the time spent there. barcelona is such an amazing city: colorful, sunny, noisy (which was charming at first but turned out to be not so amusing in the end),  friendly, charming, delicious. i went there together with my best friend and it was so great to be able to share this with her as we live in different cities and do not see each other very often. we went on a visiting tour de force, trying to see as many things as possible and absorb as much visual information as possible and then spent a day at the beach. photos will follow tomorrow, don't get anxious. i thought i would start off with a little number i wore during our first full day in barcelona. i wore a white tank top with a pair of polka dot shorts (yes these are shorts indeed), comfy flats and a polka dot turban. these pictures were taken at parc guell and the rooftop of la pedrera, two of gaudi's masterpieces.

top: random * shorts: zara * bag: lollipops * flats: stradivarius
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what's done doesn't matter, what matter's not done

i woke up today to very cloudy sky and an annoying drizzle. but i thought to myself i cannot let such things get me down, not when i am two days away from my vacation. so i decided to make the most of the situation and dress in black. i miss wearing black during the summer, but sometimes it's just too hot during the day to be wearing dark colors. the sun came back by the time i left work but it had lost it's power so it was quite pleasant to be outside. my intention was to create some sort of a retro glam rock ensemble. the golden dress was meant to be the glam part. the faux leather leggings and belt were meant to be the rocker attire. the truth is i was feeling rather uninspired lately and who would have guessed these rainy days would be the ones to bring my mojo back.

cardigan: h&m * dress, belt: thrifted * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: dgm
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orange is a power color

today was not as hot as i wished to but still quite pleasant for hanging out in the park and do some catching up on my reading. ever since i got my kindle i became quite obsessed with it and have been reading a lot lately. today was also a good opportunity to prepare myself for the trip to barcelona i'll be taking next week, so i've been studying a bit my barcelona travel guide. nothing special on the outfit front, just a pair of comfortable jeans, a floral top and purple cardigan. i was recently invited by my salon to try out the new CHI ammonia-free hair dye. i really love the new shades of orange and the gradient effect, starting on top with a lighter shade of orange and becoming kid of reddish at the tips. the transition is quite subtle so at first you can't really tell there are several shades along the hair length. and now my hair matches even better my oxford shoes. isn't it cool?

cardigan: missy glam * top: fishbone * jeans: vero moda * shoes: bb up
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