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orange is a power color

today was not as hot as i wished to but still quite pleasant for hanging out in the park and do some catching up on my reading. ever since i got my kindle i became quite obsessed with it and have been reading a lot lately. today was also a good opportunity to prepare myself for the trip to barcelona i'll be taking next week, so i've been studying a bit my barcelona travel guide. nothing special on the outfit front, just a pair of comfortable jeans, a floral top and purple cardigan. i was recently invited by my salon to try out the new CHI ammonia-free hair dye. i really love the new shades of orange and the gradient effect, starting on top with a lighter shade of orange and becoming kid of reddish at the tips. the transition is quite subtle so at first you can't really tell there are several shades along the hair length. and now my hair matches even better my oxford shoes. isn't it cool?

cardigan: missy glam * top: fishbone * jeans: vero moda * shoes: bb up


  1. I like u're style... and love thas shoes.... really chic

  2. Love the new shade of your hair!..really pretty top and I love the oxfords! Nice photos!

  3. Your hair is just perfect! great shade of orange!
    Have a nice trip! :)


  4. I love the color combo going on! Aren't kindles the best - I raid the free books all the time hahaha. Have fun on your trip!

    xoxo Maria