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and i go back to black

another thrift shop opened up in the proximity of my workplace and last week i went to check it out. though it was rather small and i didn't expect to really find anything i kept on browsing through. and i am sure glad i didn't give up after a few glances because i ended up buying 2 great summer dresses and this fabulous pleated skirt. i initially had in mind to alter it and cut it knee length, but then decided to give a go to this midi length trend everybody's been so excited about this season. it works, i kinda like it, makes me feel kinda grown up. next time i'll try and pair it with a black lace top maybe for a darker, more mysterious look. i love it when this happens, i see a piece i like and i instantly know what i would wear it with and how many ways i can style it.  i've been really into pleated skirts lately and if i ever spot a peach one i'll declare myself most satisfied. that's until i begin to crave for something else, of course.

 shirt, skirt, belt: thrifted * bag: zara * wedges: bb up


  1. ii foarte frumoasa fusta ta. mi-am luat si eu 2 fuste midi din piata de la Flavia weekendu asta si abia astept sa le port si eu. tie iti sta foarte bine cu genu asta de rochii pt ca esti inalta.

  2. Great find! Can you get a nice twirl from the skit? It looks like a perfect twirling skirt <3

  3. that's a great skirt! i'm in love with anything that's pleated right now! :) kiss