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what's done doesn't matter, what matter's not done

i woke up today to very cloudy sky and an annoying drizzle. but i thought to myself i cannot let such things get me down, not when i am two days away from my vacation. so i decided to make the most of the situation and dress in black. i miss wearing black during the summer, but sometimes it's just too hot during the day to be wearing dark colors. the sun came back by the time i left work but it had lost it's power so it was quite pleasant to be outside. my intention was to create some sort of a retro glam rock ensemble. the golden dress was meant to be the glam part. the faux leather leggings and belt were meant to be the rocker attire. the truth is i was feeling rather uninspired lately and who would have guessed these rainy days would be the ones to bring my mojo back.

cardigan: h&m * dress, belt: thrifted * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: dgm


  1. Great blog, nice and cute style ! love your red hair color... happy to follow nearly to be the 100th follower !

  2. Very pretty! I'm sorry for the drizzle, it's blazing hot over here!

    xoxo Maria

  3. i love ur style!! The belt is amazing :)