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all sparks will burn out in the end

i didn't actually get a chance to take proper daily outfit shots while in barcelona, mostly because i was so distracted by everything around me. these photos were snapped on our second day there around sunset, hence the strange lighting and off focus. my girlfriend and i both picked up these amazing leather bags at zara that day. we were so excited we dashed back to the apartment to change and then went for a walk on the promenade followed by dinner, displaying our new purchases. the light in these pictures doesn't do justice to how beautiful this color is, but i promise you'll see lots of this bag from now on, so better pics will follow. mine is a bright orange red and my girlfriends picked up an electric blue one. we sure did turn some heads with these brightly colored bags in our hands. i paired mine with a red pleated skirt and a butterfly printed tee. i 'm really sorry i didn't get a chance to snap a few pictures of my girlfriend wearing hers with a blue dress with white paint splatter. maybe next time i'll see her...

top: amisu * skirt: h&m * sandals: random * bag: zara

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  1. your outfit is so cute! i love the red skirt and the zara bag!