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break me on the thirty-seventh hour

don't know about you guys but i am in desperate need of a vacation. my body needs some rest. i've been dragging this cold for about a month and a half now, i've been on and off meds, things started to look better for a couple of days and then it would start again with full force. and it's just a freakin cold, why can't i shake it off? after two days in a row running a fever i am slowly starting to feel better. i am dressing purely for comfort and warmth so my outfits have not been very inspired lately. that's why for today's post i decided to wear something i wore last week but didn't get a chance to take photos of. yellow is definitely not my favorite color but i found myself more and more drawn to mustard lately. i love that it goes really well with a lot of other colors, of which i chose green and blue for this ensemble. most of the times i try to mix things up differently but sometimes i like to recreate an entire ensemble and wear it multiple times just because i know it works.

 top: stradivarius * skirt, belt, bag: thrifted * wedges: bb up

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