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The best of 2014

It's only natural to become nostalgic now on the eleventh hour. I'm taking a look back at 2014, remembering the moments and experiences that have defined it. It's a fun exercise I like to do each year and documenting my everyday outfits have proven to be beneficial not only for my self esteem (a small dose of narcissism is part of being a fashion blogger) but also for my memory. Ah yes, and also it's a reminder of how my money was spent. Years from now I will take a look at how my style evolved year after year, at fashion trends that have come and gone and I will be able to recall the settings and the moods captured in these pictures. Nobody flicks through photo albums anymore and I am happy to have this repository to share with all of you. 2014 you have been awesome, 2015 bring it on!

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Woke up to a winter wonderland

Skinny Buddha winter H&M coat jeans beanie Jeffrey Campbell litas

Oh boy, it's good to be on vacation! Now that all the Christmas madness is behind us, it's finally time to relax. I came home yesterday from a short visit in my hometown, where I hung out with my friends, slept for 12 hours straight and woke up to see the first snow of the year. How awesome is that. I put on a cozy knit sweater, boyfriend jeans and a warm jacket and out we went to the park. I must admit the high heels were only for the sake of the pictures, I changed into something more comfortable after that. Others were way ahead of us and had already made a bunch of snowmen, brought their sledges and  enjoyed some good old fashioned snowball fights.

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It's been this way since Christmas Day

Skinny Buddha Christmas B.A.D style graphic co-ord set

Hello boys and girls! Have you been good this year? Did Santa bring you all you asked for? I must have been extra nice because Christmas came early this year for me. My dear friend Adriana, who spoils me rotten, created this beautiful custom made co-ord set for me, and I am over the moon excited about it. I know I am bit late to get on the co-ord wagon, but better late than never. It's an easy way to look instantly more put-together, the graphic print is eye catching and it even looks kinda festive now that I think about it. And the best part is I've basically stocked my closet with three outfits in one. Can't wait to mix and match these pieces! Happy Holidays, my dears!

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Deep six

Skinny Buddha Zara burgundy cardigan H&M long chains over the knee boots

You wanna know what Zeus said to Narcissus?
"You'd better watch yourself"

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On my Dear Santa... wishlist

Sheinside Christmas sweaters
                       1. Buy here                                           2. Buy here                                         3. Buy here

Christmas is just around the corner and I still haven't bought all the presents yet. Yikes!There's nothing like a last minute online shopping spree to save me from trouble. With so many options out there I can guarantee no one is getting an ugly sweater from me this year. Check out the awesome selection I found and get inspired! Not sure what to wear to the holiday parties out there? I've got you covered. Click on the links and happy shopping!

Sheinside holiday party dresses
                     4. Buy here                                            5. Buy here                                          6. Buy here

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I'll wait for you there like a stone

Skinny Buddha H&M stripped sweater leather pants

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The only place you’re truly free is cozy in your dreams

Skinny Buddha Sheinside cozy grafic print cardigan ripped black jeans

My best allies nowadays and comfy, cozy, super-sized sweaters and cardigans. I love everything in a loose fit. And when the coziness comes in a super cute geometric print, I know for sure I have a winner. I already know I'll be wearing this non stop during the holidays. It's super warm and if need be, it can double as a blanket (just kidding). I already have in mind a couple more ways I can wear it, with some maxi dresses for example, so it will be on heavy rotation for sure. I kept everything else simple but couldn't help going matchy matchy with the hat, because why not. Do you already have a favorite piece this holiday season, or are you still on the lookout?

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I am not your rolling wheels, I am the highway

Skinny Buddha cocoon coat striped tights gray dress

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Tell me I'm your National Anthem

Skinny Buddha C&A houndstooth coat H&M black dress hat

Man, it's good to start the week with a day off. Best Monday ever! We are celebrating our National holiday and in the light of the recent election results, I've never been prouder to be Romanian. I put on my fanciest outfit and I am proudly wearing Romanian designer jewelry by Beatrix Color. I picked a cute necklace with moon stone and hamsa pendant and a pyrite bracelet. Off to the festivities now!

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Get cozy in these fantastic sweaters

Skinny Buddha Sheinside cozy sweaters

                      1. Shop here                                          2. Shop here                                      3.Shop here

Procrastination is the word of the season. Once the cold wave hits us we tend to postpone the things we need to do and instead we bundle up, stay indoors and indulge in frivolous activities. Here I am, not brave enough to sit outside in the cold and take outfit pictures. Instead, I am perusing the myriad of sales offers and dream about the coziest sweater ever. How do you like my choices so far?

Skinny Buddha Sheinside cozy sweaters

                         4. Shop here                                       5. Shop here                                      6.Shop here 
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Sweet dreams are made of this

Skinny Buddha Sofiaman bicycle pajamas

I do realize it's Monday and we need to get back to reality, but the truth is I want nothing more than to go back to my pajamas and sleep in. I visited my parents this weekend, and as per usual, activity was reduced to a minimum. I slept like a log, watched TV , which is a rare occasion since I don't own a TV, did some reading and of course indulged in my mom's cooking. A few days back I had ordered this cute pajama from Sofiaman and it arrived just in time for my trip back home. Needless to say I spent the entire weekend in it and was very reluctant to take it off when it was time to leave. The fabric is super soft and comfy, it fits me perfectly and the bicycle print is simply adorable. I really enjoyed taking some indoor photos for a change, I haven't done this in quite a while.

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You've applied the pressure to have me crystalised

Skinny Buddha Asos midi skirt embellished cardigan

I can't even remember what I set out to talk to you about in this post because I accidentally deleted the pictures I prepared and had to start all over and edit them again. You can imagine my frustration when I realized what I did. And of course, I am in a big hurry, have to get to a fashion event tonight, so I had to do this super fast. Well, I was probably going to tell you about my recent thrift adventure and how I scored this gem (pun intended) of a sweater. I don't usually like embellishments of this sort but this one had a certain appeal I just could not resist. I am probably wearing way too many colors here but they somehow work very well together and with my new hair color.

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I know, you want the sin without the sinner

Skinny Buddha all black perforated leather skirt Dany Ignat

It was about time I tried a new hair color and this time I opted for a new shade of purple and an ombre effect. There are so many colors and options out there and not enough time to try them all. I wanted to try something different with this bright bold color and went for a more edgy outfit. This Daniel Ignat perforated leather skirt is my new favorite piece. I picked it up at the Fashion Fridays Fashion Fair and its a head turner for sure. I'm feeling naughty.

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November wishlist: the perfect midi skirt

chicwish wishlist midi skirts
             1. Shop here                                                     2.Shop here                                      3.Shop here

What's a girl to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon but curl up in bed, sip up some hot green tea and indulge in some well deserved online shopping. I am currently coveting midi skirts this season and I found a great selection here. Let me know which one is your favorite cause I can't decide!

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My house in Budapest, my hidden treasure chest

Skinny Buddha Budapest thrifted striped sweater wool shorts

Budapest is one of those cities that I am always excited to visit. I probably go there once a year, either to music concerts or festivals, to visit friends or simply just to hang out. It's such a beautiful city! This time I was there with my work colleagues and it was a super fun trip. We hung out at my favorite bars, Vittula and Szimpla. I highly recommend them if you're into the alternative/ underground scene. 

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Every time I see you falling

gray sweater pink H&M hat ripped skinny jeans
Photos: Andrei Cacuci

While anxiously waiting for the photos from the photo shoot I had at the fall edition of the  Fashion Fridays Fair, here are some behind the scenes shots, so to speak. After wrapping up the shoot for the promo video for the next edition, I jumped at the chance to take some photos for the blog as well. For 3 days, the fair gathered fashion and jewelry designers under the roof of the Continental Hotel. This year, the fair debuted the "Out of the closet" section and I was super stoked to participate together with my friend Laura. It was the perfect occasion for us to clean out our closets and find new homes for some of our pieces. 

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There goes our love again

Skinny Buddha Sheinside hearts trench coat

Well, I know you're probably sick by now of all the heart printed shirts and coats and dresses out there, but surprisingly enough I'm not. And that's not because deep deep down I'm a romantic, not at all, although I do seem to soften a bit as I get older. I do love this very powerful symbol and what it stands for. But mostly it reminds me of young love, foolishness, rebellion and freedom. Yeap, I basically feel younger when wearing such a print. Think Lolita, think The Carrie Diaries. I took my recent acquisition, this heart printed trench coat, out for a ride this weekend to meet some fellow fashion bloggers and we enjoyed a beautiful afternoon together. Hopefully the weather will stay this nice a little bit longer so I can take it out a couple more times.

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Fear of the dark

Skinny Buddha gray dress Zara red bag

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Third day of a seven day binge

Skinny Buddha teal sweater layers

I finally managed a short while ago to pull out my fall and winter clothes from storage. And by storage I mean under the bed. Yeap, so I swapped them with my summer clothes and it's always such a nice surprise to rediscover all those cozy sweaters, knits, scarves and coats you almost forgot about. And because fall is the perfect season for layers, this time around I'll be layering all my long sweaters (previously worn with leggings or jeans) over flowy dresses and skirts. I thinks that's quite a nice update for them. Mix and match them any way you want, the possibilities are endless.

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Won't you join me now, baby's looking torn and frayed

skinny buddha orange ombre hair stripes skirt H&M

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Afterlife, I think I saw what happens next

Skinny Buddha black vintage dirndl dress messenger bag Stradivarius cut out boots orange ombre hair

There are pieces in  my wardrobe that I always return to, year after year and I cannot get enough of them. This dress is one of them. What I love best about it is that it can be worn back to front as well. I am sure it wasn't designed with this is mind, but it's how I wear it most of the time. I love an open back way more than cleavage (which I rarely show). Now imagine that this is actually a dirndl dress, which is something you would see at Oktoberfest, worn with a puffy white shirt underneath. Very season appropriate, right? I found it in a thrift shop a few years back and it came with a matching cropped jacket - how cute is that? 

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I forget where we were

Massimo Dutti black cape Mango white dress orange ombre hair

This cape makes me feel like a superhero every time I put it on. A fashion superhero that can travel through time. It's brilliant. I don't get to wear it too often, but when I do, it's a special occasion on its own, no matter where I am going or what I am doing. OK, let's take a deep breath in and admire it once more before we move on to the next matter at hand. Are you ready? Can we all swoon over the awesomeness that is my new hair color? My hairstylist has outdone himself this time, creating this beautiful salmon orange ombré effect. It's everything I wanted for fall.

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A weekend in Maramures

fashion bloggers in maramures

As I was telling you in a previous post (read all about it here), a week ago I spent a wonderful long weekend in Maramures together with 15 other fashion bloggers. I really want to thank Laura (Fashion Hypnotised) for inviting me and for organizing such a wonderful event. 

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Sticking to my guns

Charme houndstooth tights burgundy faux leather skirt H&M

Burgundy is definitely my go to color for fall and printed tights have become my trademark. When dealing with such a powerful print as houndstooth, it's best to keep the rest relatively simple. Though very tempting, it's important not to cram all your favorite pieces at once in a single outfit. I might have gone a little bit over the top with the sparkly sweater, but it's quite subtle unless you are in direct sunlight/ spotlight. I've been wearing lots and lots of black lately and I really love how the burgundy breaks the black here and gives the ensemble a joyful vibe. 

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Fashion bloggers in Maramures

This weekend I attended Fashion bloggers in Maramures, an event that gathered 16 bloggers from around the country in the beautiful city of Baia Mare. We arrived on Friday, checked in at the splendid Romanita Hotel  and caught up with the girls over lunch. In the evening we went together to the Gold Plaza Shopping Mall, where the event was hosted. We got the chance to present our blogs, interact with the audience and collaborators and get to know each other a little better. Diner was served at the Lumiere restaurant. The next day we drove over to our next destination and were accommodated at the Carpatia Express Hotel. Staying in a train hotel was quite a unique experience and we enjoyed every minute of it. The most anticipated experience was the Mocanita - steam train ride. I took advantage of the beautiful surroundings and settings on location and shot this beautiful cape from I am absolutely in love with it!

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You're just my type

Mango orange maxi skirt thrifted greed sweater

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I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife

H&M floppy hat black French Connection lace dress

My lover's got humor
She's the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody's disapproval
I should've worshiped her sooner

If the heavens ever did speak
She's the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday's getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week

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Sticks 'n' stones

Zara black and white stripes dress Nowistyle coat Stradivarius cut out ankle boots

I used to be teased as a kid for being too skinny. People would say my skinny legs look like a pair of sticks. In fact, I was teased well into adolescence about this and then I guess people just got over it or accepted me for who I was. Mind you, I used the term 'teased' and not 'bullied', so I guess it wasn't that bad, but still it did make me feel uncomfortable. As I grew older I realized my long sticks are in fact one of my best assets. They still are and I do enjoy flaunting them on occasion. Sure, people no longer tease me, they honk and whistle on the street, but that's another story. This was never meant to turn into an advice column, but ladies: if you've got them, flaunt them!

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I wanna fall in love with you

H&M green jumpsuit Asos flats

I've had this jumpsuit for a few years now, and every year when fall settles in, with no exception, it is the fist thing I want to wear. Well, some years I might have a hard time accepting the fact that summer is over and fall has settled in, but I still wear it none the less. And because this is sometimes also called a play suit, I get all giddy inside and playful and  want to please my inner child. Today was such a day and I felt like a schoolgirl with my braids and play suit on. If I wasn't 30 something I would totally rock this for back to school.

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Hand me my leather

Zara black and white crop top H&M faux leather skirt

I guess you could say I am in a rut. I find it quite impossible to stay away from black these days. Well, to be completely honest I am not really making any effort in that direction, and am quite content to stick with this non color. Given the volume of this crop top and busy print (I love the mixed prints in the front and back), I kept the bottom simple and sleek with the help of a faux leather skirt. My accessories followed the black theme, but if you are feeling particularly adventurous and want to stand out you can always swap them and go for a pop of color such as a bright red. 

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And then she's here, and then she's gone

Stradivarius brown leather top H&M crimson full skirt

I am taking a small break from all black outfits and embracing some earth tones, perfect for fall. I absolutely adore my new brown leather top and I bet you'll be seeing it a lot this season. I cannot wait to style it in endless combinations. This time I opted for a midi skirt with a full bottom that creates beautiful shapes when I walk. I kept the make-up in very natural tones, some sort of 'no makeup' makeup. It's my first attempt and I really love the result, considering that I usually try to emphasize my eyes as much as possible otherwise they seem as small as peas.

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Dream of Californication

H&M hat LA t-shirt ripped black jeans

From a sartorial point of view, fall is definitely my favorite season. From a weather perspective, I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer, but it seems like the transition to fall is quite gentle this year. But oftentimes I find myself day dreaming about living in LA, the land of perpetual good weather. So I thought I would bring LA closer by wearing a t-shirt I borrowed from the boyfriend. You might have noticed a lot of black around the blog lately, and it's for sure my color of choice this season. It's good to be back to this old love of mine.

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Trying to figure it out

skinny buddha t-shirt striped rainbow skirt

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How good it was

LBD H&M dress sheer panel Zara black sandals

I must admit I am pretty obsessed with this dress. I got it on Saturday and I've already worn it 3 times. Crazy! Can I eat, sleep and go to work in it? I think I can! It has the perfect shape, design and length and can we talk about how awesome the sheer panel in the front is? I kept the accessories to a minimum, but truth be told, no accessories and just the red lips would have been perfect as well. Can't wait to wear it with a cozy oversized cardigan once the temperatures start to drop. Do you have a favorite fall piece yet?

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It's all the rage back home

Skinny Buddha Romanian Label ie floral headband

I took my gorgeous Romanian Label blouse out for another spin and decided to style it in a totally different manner. You can see my first outfit here. I knew I wanted to take some pictures in a rustic setting, roll around on the grass and jump in the haystacks and pretty much have fun with it. Hope you guys like the result as much as I do. Of course, I had some pretty amazing help from my photographer friend - check out his page here.

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Concentrate, you're on the middle of this one way ride

Bicicle TeMe vintage bike tulle skirt

Riding a bike in my city is no longer just a eco-friendly trend, a weekend activity, or a way to exercise and stay fit, it is a necessity. With all the massive construction works around the city and so many closed streets, this is the fastest way to get around. And while my regular bike is perfect for my day to day activities, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to try out a vintage bike from Bicicle TeMe. Make sure you check out their facebook page and find the perfect bike for you, they come in every shape, size or color you can imagine.

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Some things are meant to keep us grounded

romanian label blouse ie pleated skirt

If you love traditional Romanian blouses as much as I do, you probably already know that they are an essential piece in every fashionista's wardrobe. And this statement is more valid than ever this summer. I've already worn my other two blouses in very casual and relaxed outfits and noticed some other fashionistas style them in myriads of ways. When I picked up this beauty from Romanian Label I instantly had in mind a classy and elegant look. The pleated knee length skirt keeps it close enough to the original folk costume but also gives it a modern twist. The choice of color and pattern in my blouse were not left to chance. I made sure that they are representative for the region I grew up in. 

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Taking steps is easy, standing still is hard

zara dragonfly print yellow dress mango red gold sandals

I am slowly but surely building up a collection of dragonfly printed apparel (and my dragonfly tattoo should probably count as well). I guess I am raising an army of dragonflies, or a swarm if you will. This dress was a birthday present I received last year from a dear friend of mine, which makes it double special. And with my birthday just around the corner, I am drawing a line and trying to assess how my style has evolved in the past year. I have been wearing a lot more color and have been more creative with my hair colors as well. I am pretty excited to see where my style journey takes me next. 

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The lazy sunbathers

swimming pool wear Zara striped tube top hight waist lace shorts heart sunglasses

I have a pretty fair complexion and I prefer to keep it that way. I don't spend too much time in the sun and I always wear sunscreen. I do like to swim, so when I am at the pool I like to relax and read in the shade after doing some laps in the swimming pool. We've got a long weekend ahead of us, so hopefully my pictures will inspire you for some fun activities. Time for me to change into my bathing suit and take a dive in the pool. Have a great weekend, kittens!

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Postcards from Porto

porto botanical garden water lilly

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I'm going back to 505

traditional romanian blouse hooundstooth shorts red Zara bag

On our last day in Portugal we took the train back to Lisbon. We still had a couple of hours to kill before our flight, so we walked around town for a bit, went to the botanical garden, took some pictures and gazed in the windows of high end stores along Avenida da Liberdade, sighed and moved on. I wore a traditional Romanian blouse which I paired with houndstooth shorts because I wanted to go for a more unconventional and unexpected combo. I've had this blouse for years and I used to wear it a lot with a pair of ripped, patched and studded jeans and called it my etno-punk look. I do like this look better now, and it can work really well with jean shorts as well. I still have to sort out the pictures from the second half of our vacation which we spent in Porto and I will be posting them soon. Stay tuned!

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Postcards from Cascais and Sintra

Cascais Portugal

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Keep calm and drink Port wine

Amisu sailor romper Zara sandals bag skinny buddha

We've moved over to the beautiful city of Porto a couple of days ago and pretty soon our vacation here in Portugal will draw to an end. Needless to say, Porto is just as charming as I expected. If you're following me on Instagram you might have already seen a few landscapes and landmarks that caught my eye. Of course, the Porto experience is not complete without tasting some varieties of the world famous Port wine - definitely a delicacy. As cheesy as it may seem, I couldn't help myself and thought as long as I am in Porto I might as well put on my sailor romper and take a stroll down the river. The pictures were taken at sunset in front of the City Hall, in the Avenida dos Aliados.

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Let's build our castles in the sky

skinny buddha sintra portugal Zara T-shirt H&M striped skirt

Pictures taken in the beautiful city of Sintra, Portugal. After a train ride from Lisbon and a long hike up the hill we arrived at the wonderful Palacio National de Pena and boy, we were rewarded with an amazing view. Built by king Ferdinand over the remains of an old monastery, the palace served as the summer residence for the Portuguese royal family. Romantic, neo-gothic and Islamic elements are beautifully combined in this exotic work of art. My outfit for the day was very relaxed - a fun print shirt and a matching striped structured skirt and flat sandals.

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Postcards from Lisbon

skinny buddha Lisbon

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Boa sorte

H&M floral dress milkmaid braids Asos flats

Bom dia! Greetings from sunny Lisbon where I am currently on vacation. I'm gonna keep things short because,well, like I said I'm on vacation (but I guess a blogger's job is never done), but also because I've had a full day doing touristy stuff, walking around this beautiful city and I am pretty exhausted. The pictures were taken at the impressive Torre de Belem situated on the bank of the Tangus river. Enjoy!
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Let’s take a dive, swim right through sophisticated points of view

navy stripes Amisu dress H&M straw floppy hat

I am officially on vacation. Yey! But before my flight leaves this afternoon I still have some time to kill so I'll be sharing with you some pictures I recently shot in a dreamy location, the No name beach. There's nothing better than relaxing at the pool after a long day at work or during the weekend on these hot summer days. You don't need much, just trow on a casual maxi dress, a floppy straw hat and some cool shades and you're good to go. Going barefoot is a must, it relaxes me and helps me discharge all the accumulated negative energies into the ground. Bye-bye for now, stay tuned and I'll be sharing some vacation pictures pretty soon!

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Be classy anything but trashy

Vigo studio yellow motif t-shirt Asos skirt Zara sandals

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