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mind trip to the land down under

i'm not gonna beat around the bush, i'm just gonna come straight out and ask you: how awesome is my new kangaroo print shirt? i am over the head in love with it. and when i say new, i just mean it's new to me. this is one of the few pieces i picked up during my latest thirfting expedition last weekend. i must have rummaged through 5 or 6 thrift stores and only picked up 2 shirts and a tank top, but i am super excited about each piece. so obviously the shirt was meant to be the central pieces of today's ensemble. i went for a masculine inspired look with black pants and blazer and topped with a hat. my photographer friend said i look like michael jackson, not sure that's good or bad. i pushed things even further with the white socks. i figured this outfit needed a bit of quirkiness. i do try to take a break once in a while and not take things too seriously, and this was definitely a fun experience.
oh, and i forgot to mention, there's an interview i did for mode republic that you can read here :)

blazer: pimkie * shirt: thrifted * pants: stradivarius * shoes: dgm * hat: random
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my sunday best

since today was brutally cold, dark and rainy i was in no condition to take outfit photos. that's why i am introducing my sunday outfit instead. nothing fancy, just a casual dress paired with green tights and belt, perfect for a stroll out and coffee with friends. sunday wasn't exactly the typical sunny spring day either, but i rather enjoyed the overcast sky because this way i got to wear lots of black without ending up suffocated. as i've already mentioned before, i prefer wearing this dress backwards because i love the bare back detail. on another note, i am really trying to take into consideration people's advice about me wearing more makeup, but i guess i just feel kinda weird about wearing makeup during the day. i did make an effort to wear some green eyeliner but that was about it. i am still adjusting to my new haircut and i find my face to be looking rather strange sometimes, so i still have to figure out what kind of makeup would look best on me. in general, i rather enjoy looking pale and all victorian like. i am a solar creature but i don't really care for tanned skin. and with this, i wish you all a sunny week and i'll see you around.

 dress: vintage * cardigan, shoes: h&m * belt: thrifted * tights: random
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vested interest

hello lovelies. i haven't been around much lately, i know. life keeps getting in the way, you know what it's like. and life doesn't always bring good stuff around but at least it's friday, so i have something to be grateful for. i am really looking forward to spending some time outside this weekend soaking up some sun, doing some reading and maybe a bit of thrift shopping. meanwhile this is what i am wearing on this beautiful sunny day. my first pick from the closet this morning was this beat up old dress i've had for ages. with my current mood it was no wonder black was my first choice but then i started thinking i really need to pull out some colors to cheer myself up. a pair of bright purple tights was just what i needed. the outfit didn't quite seem very office appropriate since the dress is kinda short and very tight so i decided to cover it up a bit with a fun ruffled vest. i then picked up a vintage brooch i borrowed from my mom and closed the vest in the front and then added some colored bracelets. well, and that's it. have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

 dress: thrifted * vest: h&m * tights: fiore * shoes: bb up
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something borrowed, something green

my boyfriend and i share the same closet. of course, my stuff occupies most of it and still i cannot help borrowing some of his stuff sometimes. my favorite is this green plaid shirt that i wear as a shirt dress. we definitely don't share the same size but i can still make it work. i just roll up the sleeves and use a belt to make it more form fitting. this time i wore it over skinny jeans and with my olive oxfords. you can check out the way i styled the same shirt last winter here. i've been know to wear my guy's sweatshirts also, you can check out the outfits i assembled here and here. what can i say, i love taking a break from my own wardrobe and delve into his. and i very much enjoy putting on this kind of very relaxed and casual outfits. do you guys borrow stuff from your guy's closet?

boyfriend shirt, belt: thrifted * jeans: vero moda * shoes: h&m
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days before you came, freezing cold and empty

it's nice to start the week after having enjoyed a weekend full of sunshine. monday morning doesn't seem so bad all of a sudden. it's even nicer to say goodbye to winter coats and boots and hang them in the back of the closet. this weekend i said hello to light jackets, oxford shoes and short sleeved shirts. for me one of the most enjoyable activities during the weekend is taking my time getting dressed. it's a nice change from all the running around i do in the morning talking to myself and complaining i have nothing to wear while starring at a closet so full it sometimes seems to burst. this saturday i decided to go retro and my starting point was the polka dot skirt. the shirt also had a retro vibe so it was a perfect choice. there's something about this collar that i love so much, not to mention the cute little buttons dressed in fabric. i was really glad to wear again my olive oxfords i got last year at h&m. i remember they were quite hard to break into. my feet hurt for days on end the first time i wore them, but this time they fit like a glove. i chose a jacket to match my shoes and couldn't resist adding a bright pop of color with my red tights. and this was my relaxed retro look for the weekend.

jacket: pimkie * shirt, skirt: thrifted * tights: random * shoes: h&m
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orange you glad to see the new me

so this is the outfit that debuted my new haircut and freshened up color. i wanted it to make a statement just like my new hair. i decided to make use of a multitude of colors that i though would complement my hair. i went for dark browns for my top, shoes and bag, and vibrant green for my shirt which i tucked in the beige crumpled high waisted skirt. i knew i wanted colored tights but choosing the right color was quite a hard decision to make. i though patterns would make this way too busy and repeating one of the colors i was already wearing seemed a little bit forced and so i opted for bold yellow tights. i don't usually wear so many colors at the same time, but somehow they all came together to create a cohesive ensemble. the location we found was quite perfect. we first discovered it last summer when we went snooping around old buildings in the city center. this is actually the back door of a small church and i could see a bit of the interior by looking through the key hole. this whole sneaking around made this a really fun shoot.

shirt, dress: h&m * top: old navy * tights: fiore * boots: amanda * bag: vintage
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got a devil's haircut in my mind

yeap, i did it. chopped my hair off and now i've got a brand new coiffure. i feel amazing! i feel like a newborn, fresh and light as a feather. i've suddenly been given a boost of confidence and inspiration. i cannot wait to explore all the possibilities opened for me now. i feel empowered. i am walking with a new posture and attitude. i feel inspired to rethink my entire wardrobe and create new and exciting outfits. i haven't felt so great in a long time. and i'm sure all you girls out there understand where this is coming from. one trip to my fabulous hairdresser and i feel like a new person.

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some sorf of office punk

work's got me pretty tired and man, it's only wednesday. but somehow i managed to pull out some sense of humour this morning and spice up an outfit that might have turned out sort of blah otherwise. i cannot believe i haven't worn this shirt in ages. i used to wear it non stop a couple of years ago. when i pulled it out from the closet this morning i knew it would instantly cheer me up. now, i know a shirt full of skulls isn't quite what you would normally think of as funny, but it is to me. i rarely dress "office" so i thought it would be fun to do office with a twist. these are my office pants, they're the only elegant/formal pants i own. i thought the red belt would be a welcomed pop of color and kind of a surprise element. i went overboard with the skull thing and added a pair of skull earrings and the cherry on top of all this would be the claw ring my guy bought for me yesterday. it's spooky and awesome and i love it to death (pun intended).

cardigan, shirt: h&m * pants: flo&jo * belt: thrifted * ring: bershka * boots: random
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