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some sorf of office punk

work's got me pretty tired and man, it's only wednesday. but somehow i managed to pull out some sense of humour this morning and spice up an outfit that might have turned out sort of blah otherwise. i cannot believe i haven't worn this shirt in ages. i used to wear it non stop a couple of years ago. when i pulled it out from the closet this morning i knew it would instantly cheer me up. now, i know a shirt full of skulls isn't quite what you would normally think of as funny, but it is to me. i rarely dress "office" so i thought it would be fun to do office with a twist. these are my office pants, they're the only elegant/formal pants i own. i thought the red belt would be a welcomed pop of color and kind of a surprise element. i went overboard with the skull thing and added a pair of skull earrings and the cherry on top of all this would be the claw ring my guy bought for me yesterday. it's spooky and awesome and i love it to death (pun intended).

cardigan, shirt: h&m * pants: flo&jo * belt: thrifted * ring: bershka * boots: random


  1. awww how I love your ring!!! you look great as always! :*

  2. great ring!!! i love the shirt. it's quirky and makes your outfit more you! super cute :)

  3. Cool ring! i went to find it at Bershka yesterday but they were sold out:( xo