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orange you glad to see the new me

so this is the outfit that debuted my new haircut and freshened up color. i wanted it to make a statement just like my new hair. i decided to make use of a multitude of colors that i though would complement my hair. i went for dark browns for my top, shoes and bag, and vibrant green for my shirt which i tucked in the beige crumpled high waisted skirt. i knew i wanted colored tights but choosing the right color was quite a hard decision to make. i though patterns would make this way too busy and repeating one of the colors i was already wearing seemed a little bit forced and so i opted for bold yellow tights. i don't usually wear so many colors at the same time, but somehow they all came together to create a cohesive ensemble. the location we found was quite perfect. we first discovered it last summer when we went snooping around old buildings in the city center. this is actually the back door of a small church and i could see a bit of the interior by looking through the key hole. this whole sneaking around made this a really fun shoot.

shirt, dress: h&m * top: old navy * tights: fiore * boots: amanda * bag: vintage

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  1. Your hair looks amazing!! I wish I could pull off that color!