lords of the boards

so yes, i'm back from my snowboarding vacation in arlberg, austria. and i'm gonna flood you with pictures. this is not going to be a typical outfit post, but there is an outfit involved in this nonetheless. maybe you were not aware of this, but there is such a thing as a fashion victim snowboarder. not that i am one, i was a rookie when i bought all my gear and had no idea there was such a huge clothing and gear industry behind this fashionable winter sport. i do love my pants a lot and the cute little details on them and i also love my bindings. now, this last part sounds kinda weird, but i do. my skills are not that great but i do feel i made some progress. i have a few bruises here and there but it's all part of the process. all in all it was such a great experience. we had some fun rides, hung out with friends, ate delicious meals, soaked up some sun and had a lot of fun. it was the perfect way of saying goodbye to winter.

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  1. no goodbye just yet! we still hope for a few more good rides these weeks :)