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something borrowed, something green

my boyfriend and i share the same closet. of course, my stuff occupies most of it and still i cannot help borrowing some of his stuff sometimes. my favorite is this green plaid shirt that i wear as a shirt dress. we definitely don't share the same size but i can still make it work. i just roll up the sleeves and use a belt to make it more form fitting. this time i wore it over skinny jeans and with my olive oxfords. you can check out the way i styled the same shirt last winter here. i've been know to wear my guy's sweatshirts also, you can check out the outfits i assembled here and here. what can i say, i love taking a break from my own wardrobe and delve into his. and i very much enjoy putting on this kind of very relaxed and casual outfits. do you guys borrow stuff from your guy's closet?

boyfriend shirt, belt: thrifted * jeans: vero moda * shoes: h&m


  1. Pretty girl, I adore this look on you :)

    xoxo Maria

  2. iti sta foarte bine cu camasi masculine. Esti slabuta si inalta si nu te disproportioneaza!

  3. Very cute and comfy looking! I adore the colour. And YES, I do steal from my husband! He's a 8 inches taller than me, but slender, so it actually works out well. I almost wish there was more of a height difference so that I could wear his shirts as shirtdresses...actually, if I were shorter I could wear shirtdresses period...usually I can't!

    Oh, and your hair is thrilling as usual!

    much love: kimberellie (with a baby in her belly)

  4. I think you should use some makeup because the face does not suit the should accentuate the eyebrows and use some up-popping shades of`s a pitty because all your clothes are so nice and this would complete your incredible looks

  5. Wow, love the way you wear your bf's plaid shirt. I also love the purple skinny jeans, they really compliment your awesome figure.
    P.S. Have I told you how much I like your haircut? It rocks.

  6. thank you all for your lovely comments :)
    @anonymous: you are absolutely right, but i am so lazy with makeup. i dye my eyebrows in the same orange shade as my hair but now the color has faded and my eyebrow pencil doesn't doo such a great job. i'll do my best to wear more makeup in the future.