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I have become comfortably numb

turquoise vintage floral dress H&M mirros sunglasses Asos flats

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She's a silver lining, lone ranger riding

bike ride H&M checkered dress floral Converse floral headband heart shaped sunnies

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early, decked myself in my most spring fairy inspired attire and headed out to join the bike ride organized by the Verde pentru biciclete association. This edition was dedicated to all the stylish ladies riding their bikes around the city. With the massive construction works going on around the city, the bike is for sure the most efficient way to commute to work or run errands while getting some exercise and supporting the green movement. 

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Snap out of it

H&M striped skirt statement necklace

I only realized it, as I was writing this down, that I am dressed in H&M almost from head to toe. It was not intentional, but I guess it's bound to happen from time to time. I think it's safe to say my wardrobe is almost a quarter made up of H&M pieces. Some of them are even thirfted, and speaking about thrift finds, they also probably make up another quarter of my entire wardrobe. I haven't had any luck scoring new thrift pieces lately but when paying a visit to H&M I rarely leave empty handed. Today was a beautiful day, even too hot for wearing ankle boots and long sleeves if you can imagine that. Looking forward to the next few ones which seem to be even more promising. 

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Down on the West Coast, I get this feeling like it all could happen

lace shirt H&M trend landscape skirt H&M black boots Nowistyle bag
I've been meaning to alter this skirt which is one size too big for me for ages, but somehow never got around to do it. It's not that obvious and I can manage to hide it quite grecefully if I may say so myself. I had been craving it for quite a while, and when I finally found it on sale a couple of years ago, my heart skipped a beat. I normally stay away from white pieces because they are too high maintenance and I can be quite clumsy from time to time. But I do love a black and white combo and this skirt cand be mixed and matched in a myriad ways.

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What is this thing called love

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ModCloth Uniquely You Campaig

When I first started blogging all my favorite bloggers were wearing these amazingly fun and quirky dresses from ModCloth. The indie brand quickly became my favorite and they still are to this day. So you can imagine I was quite excited when I was asked to participate in their Uniquely You Campaign by creating a story board around their The Way  I Galaxy It DressI imagined wearing this dress on a bike ride with my friends on a sunny day somewhere out of town. We would have a picnic, relax and I would catch up on my reading. Make sure you check out their wide range of cute dresses for other great looks right here.

skinny buddha modcloth uniquely you campaing wanelo

You can check out my story board as well as the link to the products on Wanelo

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Blue jeans

H&M boyfriend jeans nowistyle striped shirt H&M hat asos flats

I haven't shopped for jeans in over 8 years. Freaky, right? I guess I am not that into them, or pants in general for that matter. And though I still had some old pairs lying around in the back of my closet, I think the last time I actually wore jeans was over 3-4 years ago. During the spring cleaning I got rid of a bunch of old pairs of pants and decided some new blood was needed in my wardrobe. I went for boyfriend jeans as I wanted something very relaxed that I could wear mostly during the weekends. Finding the right pair was not an easy task, first of all because I had no idea what size I was, but also because let's be frank, there are a lot of ugly designs out there to sort through. The things I love most about these ones I got is definitely the shade and the fact that they have the just about right doze of distress.

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If I could change your mind

pink nowistyle bouse mint H&M perforated skirt purple pumps mint bag

I think I say this every time I wear this shirt (please bare with me, I am getting senile in  my old age) but I have a strange relationship with the color pink. To be blunt, I hated it for the longest time. Too girly for my taste, I used to say. I remember once upon a time someone told me one should pink when one feels decadent, and I loved the idea. Then I became a blonde and pink did not seem like such a bad idea after all. Brainwashed, right? Either way, after the miserable rainy Sunday I've been through, I felt like cheering myself up by wearing lots of colors today, but without looking like a Christmas tree, so I pulled this shirt from the back of the closet. Remains to be seen if the desired effect was obtained. You tell me.

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I heard it's cold out, but her popsicle melts

H&M ruffles dress vest floral tights Kristin Perry bracelet

As you can see I am not quite done with the floral theme, but I promise I will take a break. We're celebrating Labor day on this fine 1st of May day. We're celebrating by not working, of course. I felt like wearing lots of ruffles the wind could play with, so I layered some old staples such as this dress and vest I picked up ages ago at H&M. They were bought separately and at quite a distance from each other, but I do think they look wonderful together. 

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