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london calling

- trafalgar square-
as i mentioned before, i recently took a one week trip to london to visit my best friend. i ain't gonna bore you with too many details, not that i don't have a ton of things to say on this city, but because words would not do justice to this whole experience, and also because this post will be flooded with pictures. needless to say i had an amazing time in london and also got the chance to take day trips to cambridge and brighton. unfortunately there wasn't really any time for proper outfit photos, i'll have to take a rain check on that. enjoy!
 - horse guards, the horse's name was everest-
 - trafalgar square-
 - piccadilly circus-
 - regent's park-
 -primrose hill-
 - big ben-
 -house of parliament-
 -london eye-
-saint paul's cathedral- 
-st pancras hotel- 

-brighton beach-  
 -the royal pavilion, brighton-
 -brighton pier-
-tower of london-
-london bridge-
 -portobello road-
 -notting hill-
-princess diana memorial fountain, hyde park-
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days before you came, counting breaths inside me

this is part two of my weekend wear. again, i needed something comfortable and appropriate for riding my bike, but i also wanted to feel light and add a bit of style to the ride. i guess you can tell i've been in absolute relax mode ever since my trip to london. man, i needed this vacation so badly. i put so much thought and time into packing for the trip and had such a clear picture of what i would be wearing, that by the time i got there all of the sudden i disliked pretty much everything i brought. it was as if i had already worn every outfit and now i had to start all over. not sure if this makes any sense. i am a woman after all, i tend to make things much more complicated than they actually are. so, as i was saying, by the time i got back and relaxed a bit i started creating my outfits more freely. there was no pressure anymore. i could just grab just about anything out of the closet and things would come together cohesively. and yes, i do realize the sleeves of this shirt are clearly out of fashion but it's what makes it special after all.

tunic: thrifted * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: h&m
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what is known as parklife

as you might have noticed, most of my post titles are lyrics, song titles or even band names. that's because music is such a huge thing in my life and it has always been. songs constantly play through my mind even when i don't have my earphones on, and i associate songs and bands with all of my most significant moments in life. i associate people and places with music, but also food, feelings and smells. due to the fact that i spent most of my weekend riding my bike in the park, the choice of music was pretty obvious - blur: parklife. i took breaks to soak up some sun on a bench with my kindle in my hands and humming softly in my head "all the people/ so many people/ they all go hand in hand/ hand in hand though their parklife". i was really anxious to ride my bike again and this time i avoided wearing a skirt (due to some pretty nasty wardrobe malfunctions last year) and put on some houndstooth printed shorts with bright orange tights and green cardigan. the trees are not yet in bloom so i thought i might add some color to the scene.

cardigan: bershka * tank top: zara * shorts: extrose * tights:  meli melo * shoes: bb up
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she plays hard to get, she smiles from time to time

i've been stuck listening to too many krafwerk remixes lately, and of course 'das model' is my favorite. with this in mind i decided to go for quite a minimalist look. i haven't done a black and white outfit in quite a while and of course i couldn't help throwing in a bit of red in there too, just because these killer heels do  make me fell tall as a model. one other reason i went for this ensemble is i am preparing for a trip to london!!! how exciting is that! my best friend moved there a couple months ago and i am paying her a visit. oh, wait, what was i saying? right... so, because i need to start packing soon i am only wearing stuff i won't be taking with me. like this dress, for example which needs to be ironed and wrinkles up as soon as i sit down.worn with faux snake leather leggings and a cardigan, this needed some accessorizing so i went for black stone rings, mesh earrings and a chain & ribbon necklace i made some time ago. now you'll have to excuse me, i have a ton of outfits to prepare for my vacation and no time to spare. bye bye!

dress: bershka * cardigan: terranova * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: jeffrey campbell * necklace: DIY
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i am what i am

today we celebrate the international women's day. and what better way to do this than letting myself get all pampered up at the salon. i went in for a haircut and fresh color and i also received a free makeup session. i couldn't be more excited with the result. the makeup artist said she envisioned a mermaid when looking at me, and i just love the green and turquoise shades of the eye shadow. hop over to visit denisa's blog to see more of her work.

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