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days before you came, counting breaths inside me

this is part two of my weekend wear. again, i needed something comfortable and appropriate for riding my bike, but i also wanted to feel light and add a bit of style to the ride. i guess you can tell i've been in absolute relax mode ever since my trip to london. man, i needed this vacation so badly. i put so much thought and time into packing for the trip and had such a clear picture of what i would be wearing, that by the time i got there all of the sudden i disliked pretty much everything i brought. it was as if i had already worn every outfit and now i had to start all over. not sure if this makes any sense. i am a woman after all, i tend to make things much more complicated than they actually are. so, as i was saying, by the time i got back and relaxed a bit i started creating my outfits more freely. there was no pressure anymore. i could just grab just about anything out of the closet and things would come together cohesively. and yes, i do realize the sleeves of this shirt are clearly out of fashion but it's what makes it special after all.

tunic: thrifted * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: h&m

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  1. printul de pe bluzita e tare frumos, si mie imi plac si manecile.