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what is known as parklife

as you might have noticed, most of my post titles are lyrics, song titles or even band names. that's because music is such a huge thing in my life and it has always been. songs constantly play through my mind even when i don't have my earphones on, and i associate songs and bands with all of my most significant moments in life. i associate people and places with music, but also food, feelings and smells. due to the fact that i spent most of my weekend riding my bike in the park, the choice of music was pretty obvious - blur: parklife. i took breaks to soak up some sun on a bench with my kindle in my hands and humming softly in my head "all the people/ so many people/ they all go hand in hand/ hand in hand though their parklife". i was really anxious to ride my bike again and this time i avoided wearing a skirt (due to some pretty nasty wardrobe malfunctions last year) and put on some houndstooth printed shorts with bright orange tights and green cardigan. the trees are not yet in bloom so i thought i might add some color to the scene.

cardigan: bershka * tank top: zara * shorts: extrose * tights:  meli melo * shoes: bb up

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