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a ride in style

i am super excited to share with you the bike i got as a present for easter. and of course i could not resist including it in my outfit shots. i am really looking forward to all the wonderful rides we're gonna take in sunny months to come. this is actually my first bike ever, i didn't have one as a kid and i am so excited about it i feel like i should name it. would that be weird? i wonder what would be a proper bike name. today my boyfriend and i took a lovely ride along the river, stopped to snap a few photos and got rudely interrupted by a passing shower. by the time we got home the sun came up again but i was already drenched to the bone. maybe tomorrow we'll have better luck with the weather. for today's ride in style i opted for a very comfortable vintage dress with a pretty flower print and purple tights. can't wait for warmer weather so i can wear this with bare legs and strap sandals. till then, enjoy the weekend, everyone!

dress: vintage * tights: fiore * shoes: h&m
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inspiration files: many belles down

i don't usually promote stuff around the blog, especially if i'm not familiar with the brand or if i haven't tried the product myself. and i almost never finish up reading an email from some company asking me to do this, but there was something really special about the email i got from hannah of many belles down. their video got me hooked and i am sure you're gonna love it too. this small company manages to create modern garments with fabulous vintage inspired prints and all in a delightful playful manner. i just love the whole vibe of this video.

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we sail through endless skies

these photos were taken during my lunch break, the only time i could enjoy some of this sunny weather today. we found this out of place piece of wall  in the middle of a meadow in my favorite park. i guess it's part of the old city walls and you can tell it has all this history trapped between its bricks. it's been a while since i last pulled this romper out of the closet. i love that it has this nautical theme and my favorite are the buttons with cute little anchors on them. oh, how i wish i was out sailing somewhere instead of being stuck at work. but the weekend is so close and that's what keeps me going, plus it's a long weekend so that makes the waiting worth while. my first instinct was to pair this with some bright red tights but decided to go for some spotted ones instead. i then chose a cardigan with a bird print that i thought went well with the theme.

 cardigan: bershka * romper: amisu * tights: fiore * flats: stradivarius
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the distance from A to where you'd B

i had long given up taking outfit shots up on the roof of my building after a confrontation with a grumpy elderly neighbor which ended with me being locked out on the roof by the said neighbor. i managed to get off by taking an adjacent flight of stairs and then going back into my building and straight to the neighbor's door. so today when getting home, i went up without much hope and discovered to my surprise the door was unlocked and there was no neighbor in sight. there's nothing spectacular about my roof top except for the sky and a pretty view of the city and i love taking my time taking photos by myself. one thing is for sure, evening light is just perfect for taking photos for being a much warmer light as opposed to the cold light of morning. you'll have to excuse my crumpled dress, it's the natural result of spending all day in front of the computer at work. the dress has this beautiful lace detail over the shoulders and i wanted to play off it with a pair of lace tights with a delicate flower pattern. to cover up, i chose a navy cardigan and a matching scarf and my beloved oxfords.

cardigan: okay * dress: bershka * tights, shoes: h&m * scarf: random
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color will shake the disease

i'm feeling a bit under the weather, so i'll have to keep this short. i must be coming down with something cause i haven't been feeling very well today, and you can clearly see that on my face. i wasn't exactly in the mood to put anything but slacks on and maybe call in sick, but i managed to fight the feeling and get dressed for work. i just started pulling out favorite things from the closet, just like a kid who wants to wear all his favorite clothes at once, like stripes and then more stripes, heart printed tights, then some orange to brighten up the day and then my newest acquisition, the orange shoes. i'm pretty sure i'll be living in them for the next few days, i am so over the top in love with them. and they have this kind of quirkiness to them, the resemble golf shoes, don't they?
 dress: pimkie * cardigan, belt: thrifted * tights: charme * shoes: bb up
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we can build a new tomorrow, today

i had the perfect location in mind for this photo shoot the minute i got dressed. i knew i wanted a setting that had a  sharp architecture with a futuristic vibe. this big empty space made of concrete and glass is actually the center of the site where i took last post's pictures. the old city bastion walls have undergone a massive renovation and now the site wonderfully combines both old and new structures. it's empty at the moment but i cannot wait to see what the city decides to do with it. i hope it will be full of art galleries and cozy little cafes. moving on, let's say a few words about what i am wearing. i got hypnotized by the print on this shirt when i found it at a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago. i love graphic prints and i love that this one has a nice flow. luckily, i don't see that much of it, but it must have given the gals at work quite the headache when they were talking to me and staring at the print. i paired this with a distressed, safety pins adorned denim skirt, white tights and zebra print flats.

shirt: thrifted * skirt: random * tights: calzedonia * flats: eram
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hard candy, eye candy

i haven't done this kind of outfit in quite a while. you must have realized by now, i may suffer from multiple personality disorder when it comes to fashion. there are so many characters and styles i want to embody, i might seem a bit... let's put it mildly, weird. what i mean is i always explore new styles but i try to make them my own. i won't say i've tried them all or that i wish to try them all. in fact, upon closer inspection, my explorations never leave the grounds of just a few favorite recurring themes. at this point they are: retro/vintage, chic punk, menswear, lolita, funky urban. most times they come together to form an eclectic mix. i guess this outfit channels the inner child with a touch of japanse street style inspiration, so feel free to decide which theme it belongs to. i've been a fan of japanese fashion for a long time and japanese street style blogs are one of my main sources of inspiration, being extremely creative and avant garde. of course, my approach is more toned down, i'm not going all harajuku on you now, but it's all about colors, layering and big shades (with butterflies on the sides). and what about my lollipop legs? they're my favorite part of the ensemble.

blazer, flats: stradivarius * shirt: bershka * skirt: zara * tights: charme * shades: random
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slowly we unfurl as lotus flowers

spending time outdoors is my favorite weekend activity and i probably already mentioned this a million times. this weekend was no exception. saturday's outing consisted of a stroll to my favorite bookshop where i picked up some reading material, getting a strawberry shake and soaking up some sun on the benches in my favorite city square, then a walk in the park and taking some outfit shots, followed by a delicious vegan meal. getting dressed for such pleasant activities is pretty simple. i just trow on a dress and i'm ready to go. i was happy to pull this one out of the closet because of the colors in it, they just scream out joy and happiness. i thifted it about a year ago and it was one of my favorite altering projects. i love me a shirt dress but this one was a couple sizes too big for me and had a totally unflattering length. so i cut it just over the knee and made a belt out of the excess fabric. for me, the most important rule when thrift shopping is being able to see the potential of an item, not necessarily a perfect fit.

dress: thrifted * tights: random * flats: stradivarius
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