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hard candy, eye candy

i haven't done this kind of outfit in quite a while. you must have realized by now, i may suffer from multiple personality disorder when it comes to fashion. there are so many characters and styles i want to embody, i might seem a bit... let's put it mildly, weird. what i mean is i always explore new styles but i try to make them my own. i won't say i've tried them all or that i wish to try them all. in fact, upon closer inspection, my explorations never leave the grounds of just a few favorite recurring themes. at this point they are: retro/vintage, chic punk, menswear, lolita, funky urban. most times they come together to form an eclectic mix. i guess this outfit channels the inner child with a touch of japanse street style inspiration, so feel free to decide which theme it belongs to. i've been a fan of japanese fashion for a long time and japanese street style blogs are one of my main sources of inspiration, being extremely creative and avant garde. of course, my approach is more toned down, i'm not going all harajuku on you now, but it's all about colors, layering and big shades (with butterflies on the sides). and what about my lollipop legs? they're my favorite part of the ensemble.

blazer, flats: stradivarius * shirt: bershka * skirt: zara * tights: charme * shades: random


  1. Really cute! Love the mix of patterns!

  2. beautiful outfit! and I love the place where you chose to make the pictures!

  3. So cute, I love your tights! :)

    The Cat Hag

  4. i love your hair lady...i'v just discovered your blog and i like so much your style:)
    Come and follow me if you like mine??i'd be very happy if u do so..i wait u kiss