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we can build a new tomorrow, today

i had the perfect location in mind for this photo shoot the minute i got dressed. i knew i wanted a setting that had a  sharp architecture with a futuristic vibe. this big empty space made of concrete and glass is actually the center of the site where i took last post's pictures. the old city bastion walls have undergone a massive renovation and now the site wonderfully combines both old and new structures. it's empty at the moment but i cannot wait to see what the city decides to do with it. i hope it will be full of art galleries and cozy little cafes. moving on, let's say a few words about what i am wearing. i got hypnotized by the print on this shirt when i found it at a thrift shop a couple of weeks ago. i love graphic prints and i love that this one has a nice flow. luckily, i don't see that much of it, but it must have given the gals at work quite the headache when they were talking to me and staring at the print. i paired this with a distressed, safety pins adorned denim skirt, white tights and zebra print flats.

shirt: thrifted * skirt: random * tights: calzedonia * flats: eram


  1. This is such a cool spot for a photoshoot! And I love your shoes!

  2. Your outfit is great - I especially like the location you chose for the shoot. The shot of you with two reflections is very artistic!

  3. I totally have those shoes! Mine are kind of beaten-up, but it's neat to see someone else have something I have LOL! Love it with that top and the white tights, gorgeous look.