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color will shake the disease

i'm feeling a bit under the weather, so i'll have to keep this short. i must be coming down with something cause i haven't been feeling very well today, and you can clearly see that on my face. i wasn't exactly in the mood to put anything but slacks on and maybe call in sick, but i managed to fight the feeling and get dressed for work. i just started pulling out favorite things from the closet, just like a kid who wants to wear all his favorite clothes at once, like stripes and then more stripes, heart printed tights, then some orange to brighten up the day and then my newest acquisition, the orange shoes. i'm pretty sure i'll be living in them for the next few days, i am so over the top in love with them. and they have this kind of quirkiness to them, the resemble golf shoes, don't they?
 dress: pimkie * cardigan, belt: thrifted * tights: charme * shoes: bb up

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  1. beautiful shoes! I wanted to buy them on blue, but I'm broke :D