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that's my problem, when i'm free i miss my dependency

yeah yeah, wedges are so in right now. damn you media for shoving them into my face non stop and damn you shoe makers for making such cute ones. i don't really wear high heels because i find them terribly uncomfortable, they shift your centre of gravity, are very bad for your back and feet, they kill your blood circulation and so on. and here I am buying the second pair of wedges in less than 6 months. well, in my defence, wedges are a bit more comfortable than stilettos, and i can actually walk in them. plus, i've been looking for a pair of nude shoes for a while now and i simply couldn't resist these ones. don't even know why i am explaining myself so much, it doesn't even matter why i bought them. truth is, i love high heels and love seeing them on other people but i just cannot wear them. love my comfort way too much. moving on, don't mind me in the third pic, i was trying to come up with something different and different turned out plain awkward. i have my days. hope you're having a sunnier week than i am. ciao!

t-shirt: zara * jeans: vero moda * shoes: bb up *
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i thought i could organize freedom

fashion bloggers can provide excellent inspiration when I'm faced with a creative blockage. today's outfit was inspired by my favorite blogger of the moment, haiku ambulance. i absolutely love her use of cropped pants, lightweight tops, hair pieces and fun accessories. i also love the way she treats her photos. you already know the pants, i had been looking for a while for the perfect khakis till i found this pair. the blouse is a very old traditional romanian blouse called 'ie'. so that was the element that made the outfit my own, instead of being an exact copy. big designers like jean paul gautier and yves saint laurent reinterpreted this blouse in various shows. mine is a rather simple version, it's hand embroidered, very light and delicate. for the accessories part i used matching brown bracelets, ring, earrings and necklaces. i balanced the old and the new by adding a vintage brown bag. i'm rather happy with the result. it's a very relaxed, comfortable and light outfit.

blouse: vintage * pants: stradivarius * belt: thrifted * bag: vintage * shoes, accessories: random
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flick the switch and open your thrid eye

color psychology is a thing i've always been interested in. and today i decided to do a study on turquoise. this color has more to do with feeling and creative expression than with rational thought. turquoise helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. it presents as a friendly and happy color enjoying life. in color psychology, the color turquoise controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. and although this is my first ever turquoise garment, the color has always suggested to me calm and serenity. i have always associated it with clear waters in exotic places, coral reefs and beautiful skies above the water. it's all about movement and fluidity, and that's what this dress i thrifted a while ago represents. it's so soft and flowy and caresses my skin.

dress: thrifted, vintage * shoes: stradivarius
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o captain my captain

stripes are one of my favorite things ever and that's no secret. from stripes to a nautical theme there's only one small step to take. after all, coco herself got inspired by the sailors and wore her now famous striped shirts. now let's move on even further. say you combine the a striped shirt with a pair of high rise shorts with cute little anchor buttons on the side. it doesn't get better than this. oh, wait it does, when these two things actually come together. imagine my excitement when I saw this cute romper on the raks. i knew it had to be mine immediately. i don't even remember ever wearing a romper. well, maybe when i was a kid, but i have no memory of such thing. my excitement grew even bigger as i realized there's an old boat that could be the perfect background for a shoot. so, with the boyfriend by my side, took a stroll down the canal right to the boat. it's great taking some outdoor shots for a change, and having someone to smile at behind that camera. sorry mr. tripod but you're not as fun.

romper: amisu * socks: charme * shoes: red lips
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polkadotorama challenge

kelly of the glamourai challenged herself to created 5 different outfits using at least two polka dotted items per outfit and then challenged us to do the same. being a big fan of spotted garments myself i was happy to comply. staring at my wardrobe for a while i was flooded with ideas. i decided to go with something a bit more dramatic than i would normally do and so i opted for this electric blue polka dotted dress. but this wasn't actually the first item that came to mind. i've been wanting to pull off a turban for a really long time, but never got a chance to do it, and so a polka dot scarf came into play. it's quite easy to turn it into a turban and i got my inspiration over at maria of bachman's sparrow who has an awesome tutorial. I had so much fun with this challenge and wonder why i don't do it more often. after all, fashion should be about having fun, taking risks, accepting challenges and not taking everything so damn serious. now you do it!

 dress: mango * tights: calzedonia * scarf: thrifted * shoes: dgm
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david lynch and dior

i got chills all over my spine watching this. i am mesmerized!

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lady of the flowers

this dress has been sitting in my closet for exactly one week and a day. that's a long time considering i usually cannot wait more than a day or two to wear something i recently bought. it was a lucky find at a thrift store, along with another beautiful dress i will share with you later. as soon as i saw the print on this one i knew i couldn't pass the opportunity to make it mine. plus it's a shirt dress, so double points for that. it was in quite good condition but i knew i would need to alter it a bit to fit me. it is actually several sizes bigger but the waist band once tied manages to hide that. i had the sleeves shortened a bit and i also took a couple of inches off the hem line. i was overwhelmed with excitement once i put it on. so far it's my favorite thrifted treasure, though it might not seem as great to you guys. i guess it's the way i feel wearing it. it's like i am transported to another era.

 dress: thrifted, vintage * tights: fiore * shoes: red lips
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looks like the rain is here to stay

i was actually looking forward to not wearing thick tights for a change, or not wearing tights at all, but the weather decided to take a turn for the worse and it's been raining non stop lately. the temperatures have dropped dramatically and so there is no sign of summer in sight. don't get me wrong I love my colored tights but i feel it's high time i get rid of them, at least til fall. hopefully this will be the last outfit of this kind. it looks kinda autumn-y rather than spring-y. i'm not a big fan of red as a main color in an outfit but i will use it gladly as a touch of color. it tones down this dress and makes it more fresh and funky rather than formal, had it been worn with black tights and pumps. i find the houndstooth print rather formal as well, and so this dress will also have to wait til fall. come on sun, let me get out all my flowy summer dress out in the open.

dress: dunnes * tights: random * belt: thrifted * shoes: dgm
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evil eye

the nazar or the evil eye stone is an amulet that is meant to protect against the evil eye. a friend of mine who visited turkey a couple of years ago brought me this evil eye pendant and i've been fascinated with it ever since. i wanted to wear it today, and since i love to get all matchy-matchy with my accessories, i went for blue earrings and a lapis lazuli ring. the ring was also a gift and is one of my favorite as it has such a vintage vibe to it. i remember reading adventure books as a kid and all the princesses wore lapis lazuli stones. also, i've been developing a thing for shirt dresses lately. i am not a big fan of button down shirts as they seem too corporate, so the ones i actually own have either gingham/ checkered prints, stripes or fun little skull head prints. but shirt dresses are another story. they have that feminine versus masculine touch i sometimes look for in certain items. cannot wait to wear this blue stripped shirt dress in the summer  with a pair of sandals. but for now, since it's been raining cats and dogs for days, I paired it with snake skin leggings and oxfords.

shirt dress: h&m * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: red lips
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connect the dots

i've had this polka dot wrap dress in my closet for about a year now and i've only worn it once. i was quite self conscious the whole time because it's a tiny bit see through and i feared it looked kinda matronly. luckily i had a epiphany a couple of days ago and realized it was totally pin-up. i mean come on, polka dots and wrap dresses, it doesn't get any more retro than that. i finally decided to put it on today and treat myself to all things girly and glam. i'm imagining this is how dita von teese feels on a daily basis. first off, i knew i wanted to put on some white tight high stockings that always seem inappropriate for the casual outfits i wear, then i pulled out a vintage slip to wear under the dress (see through problem solved, plus the dress doesn't stick to my stockings anymore). i love the fact you can see a bit of the lace detail on the chest. pulled up my hair in a high bun, put on a pair of vintage earrings and i am ready to go. oh, and i also put on some mascara, which is kind of a big deal since i rarely wear any makeup.

dress: thrifted * slip: vintage * socks: random * shoes: stradivarius
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etude de la structure etrange

i'm a bit behind on posting my outfits. this is actually from last friday. i had a very lazy weekend and so there are no worthy outfits to be shown, and today... well, no time for photos today. i was actually quite anxious to share with you this vintage jacket that was first introduced here and matches the dress here but then i forgot to put it on. being a newbie in this whole mixology trend that's been going on, this is my first attempt at mixing patterns. i am taking a lot more risks and opportunities lately and thought i would give it a go. not long ago i wouldn't have even dreamt of putting stripes and floral patterns together. oh, the audacity! but now it feels quite natural. being part of the fashion bloggers community has widened my horizons but surely, i cannot compete with the likes of the glamourai, the master of mixology. what i set out to do with the floral jacket was to juxtapose it with a more graphic and masculine pattern and stripes seemed perfect. the necklace i made a while ago added a touch of harshness to the outfit that would both contrast the feminine floral pattern but also that would stand by the striped shirt when the jacket would be taken off.
quick note: the title isn't just me showing off my french skills, it's a song by louisse attaque that i really like :)

 jacket: vintage * shirt: zara * jeans: vero moda * shoes: random * necklace: self made
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oh my

i am so so excited to be the blog obsession of the moment over at miss kimberellie's blog. she's the cutest mom blogger ever and I couldn't be more honored. how freakin awesome is this?

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green light, go

now here's an outfit that has a lot of thought put into it, though it might not really show. i was really striving to create a fun, colored outfit that would be great for work and that could be used for evening too. i managed to avoid any dark colors, especially black and this is what i came up with. i knew i wanted to experiment a bit with green, just because i don't wear it that much and i focused mostly on accessories. the green tights were the starting point and then i got all carried away with things like the green belt, the green bracelets, and green earrings. i like going matchy-matchy sometimes. the skirt has multicolored stitchings and is so versatile, as it can be paired with so many colored tights and tops. plus it's made of the softest material ever. it always gets a lot of attention from the girls at work. and then I pulled out my favorite pair of flats, they're really soft and light and they're made out of some sort of sweatpants material.

cardigan, shrit, skirt, belt: thrifted * shoes: stradivarius
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we're moving empty boxes, what a waste

it's funny how you can get attached to some of the pieces you own and wear them over and over again. it's such a contradiction, but there are those periods when you feel like you have nothing to wear and stare at the closet for minutes on end, and then the ones when you buy new pieces or rediscover long forgotten ones and you wear them non stop. the second scenario is happening to me right now, so i figured i shouldn't bother you with the same outfits i seem to keep putting on lately. instead i thought i might try and get an outfit together for a party i will be attending on saturday. i know there's plenty of time left, and knowing myself, i'll probably come up with several other 5 minutes before leaving for the party, but here's what i came up with. keep in mind it's a hip hop/ dj set kinda party so i have an excuse to get wild and crazy. now that i  look at  it, it's more rocker than anything, but it'll do just fine. i love it when i have an excuse to get crazy with the accessories, and the belt is my all time favorite. there's another picture of it in this post.

 dress: thrifted * socks: random * shoes: dgm * belt: thrifted
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