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etude de la structure etrange

i'm a bit behind on posting my outfits. this is actually from last friday. i had a very lazy weekend and so there are no worthy outfits to be shown, and today... well, no time for photos today. i was actually quite anxious to share with you this vintage jacket that was first introduced here and matches the dress here but then i forgot to put it on. being a newbie in this whole mixology trend that's been going on, this is my first attempt at mixing patterns. i am taking a lot more risks and opportunities lately and thought i would give it a go. not long ago i wouldn't have even dreamt of putting stripes and floral patterns together. oh, the audacity! but now it feels quite natural. being part of the fashion bloggers community has widened my horizons but surely, i cannot compete with the likes of the glamourai, the master of mixology. what i set out to do with the floral jacket was to juxtapose it with a more graphic and masculine pattern and stripes seemed perfect. the necklace i made a while ago added a touch of harshness to the outfit that would both contrast the feminine floral pattern but also that would stand by the striped shirt when the jacket would be taken off.
quick note: the title isn't just me showing off my french skills, it's a song by louisse attaque that i really like :)

 jacket: vintage * shirt: zara * jeans: vero moda * shoes: random * necklace: self made

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