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polkadotorama challenge

kelly of the glamourai challenged herself to created 5 different outfits using at least two polka dotted items per outfit and then challenged us to do the same. being a big fan of spotted garments myself i was happy to comply. staring at my wardrobe for a while i was flooded with ideas. i decided to go with something a bit more dramatic than i would normally do and so i opted for this electric blue polka dotted dress. but this wasn't actually the first item that came to mind. i've been wanting to pull off a turban for a really long time, but never got a chance to do it, and so a polka dot scarf came into play. it's quite easy to turn it into a turban and i got my inspiration over at maria of bachman's sparrow who has an awesome tutorial. I had so much fun with this challenge and wonder why i don't do it more often. after all, fashion should be about having fun, taking risks, accepting challenges and not taking everything so damn serious. now you do it!

 dress: mango * tights: calzedonia * scarf: thrifted * shoes: dgm


  1. So perfectly cute. You look awesome. And yes, fashion IS fun and is should be! Love the turban. Will have to try that.

    Oh, and the tights just work so well!

  2. Holy Moses you look AMAZING! The double polkadots looks great, and that color of blue is perfect on you.

    xoxo Maria

  3. this is adorable!!! now i want to wear something polka dotted too! hahaha!! :D

    glad to have stumbled upon your blog. im following! :D

  4. you look pretty and chic, yet cute at the same time! the dress is so sweet, very feminine. looks good on you! interesting challenge, btw!

  5. So cute! I love your white tights with the white turban! I need to figure out how to make one of those for myself...

  6. I love your outfit your dress look like a vintage one i love the blue color and the polka dot so good!