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connect the dots

i've had this polka dot wrap dress in my closet for about a year now and i've only worn it once. i was quite self conscious the whole time because it's a tiny bit see through and i feared it looked kinda matronly. luckily i had a epiphany a couple of days ago and realized it was totally pin-up. i mean come on, polka dots and wrap dresses, it doesn't get any more retro than that. i finally decided to put it on today and treat myself to all things girly and glam. i'm imagining this is how dita von teese feels on a daily basis. first off, i knew i wanted to put on some white tight high stockings that always seem inappropriate for the casual outfits i wear, then i pulled out a vintage slip to wear under the dress (see through problem solved, plus the dress doesn't stick to my stockings anymore). i love the fact you can see a bit of the lace detail on the chest. pulled up my hair in a high bun, put on a pair of vintage earrings and i am ready to go. oh, and i also put on some mascara, which is kind of a big deal since i rarely wear any makeup.

dress: thrifted * slip: vintage * socks: random * shoes: stradivarius


  1. Miha you look just great, I love the dress so much.:)

    Love dots as you might have guessed.

  2. oh, your dress is so beautiful! love it a lot! and those socks are so sexy!

  3. the dress looks wonderful...its sophisticated and classic i love it and i love your style! Following your blog!

  4. yes, this dress IS sweet and sexy and vintage feeling! You look just beautiful.

  5. Honey, it's lovely! You should wear it more often! ;)


    PS: did you see you were featured on What I Wore? Check it out!