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looks like the rain is here to stay

i was actually looking forward to not wearing thick tights for a change, or not wearing tights at all, but the weather decided to take a turn for the worse and it's been raining non stop lately. the temperatures have dropped dramatically and so there is no sign of summer in sight. don't get me wrong I love my colored tights but i feel it's high time i get rid of them, at least til fall. hopefully this will be the last outfit of this kind. it looks kinda autumn-y rather than spring-y. i'm not a big fan of red as a main color in an outfit but i will use it gladly as a touch of color. it tones down this dress and makes it more fresh and funky rather than formal, had it been worn with black tights and pumps. i find the houndstooth print rather formal as well, and so this dress will also have to wait til fall. come on sun, let me get out all my flowy summer dress out in the open.

dress: dunnes * tights: random * belt: thrifted * shoes: dgm


  1. Red is so cute with the black and white!! I agree, definitely a punch of funkiness over black. Love it!=)

  2. Very cool. Love the red with this. And I agree with you about the tights! Tights begone!!! Also, I too, don't like red to be the main component of my outfit! I don't know why, I used to. I've just been so sick of red the last few years (says the girl who just bought a bunch of new RED

    But here it looks just perfect. You've really nailed it.

  3. j'adore ta robe, et elle te vas à ravir