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that's my problem, when i'm free i miss my dependency

yeah yeah, wedges are so in right now. damn you media for shoving them into my face non stop and damn you shoe makers for making such cute ones. i don't really wear high heels because i find them terribly uncomfortable, they shift your centre of gravity, are very bad for your back and feet, they kill your blood circulation and so on. and here I am buying the second pair of wedges in less than 6 months. well, in my defence, wedges are a bit more comfortable than stilettos, and i can actually walk in them. plus, i've been looking for a pair of nude shoes for a while now and i simply couldn't resist these ones. don't even know why i am explaining myself so much, it doesn't even matter why i bought them. truth is, i love high heels and love seeing them on other people but i just cannot wear them. love my comfort way too much. moving on, don't mind me in the third pic, i was trying to come up with something different and different turned out plain awkward. i have my days. hope you're having a sunnier week than i am. ciao!

t-shirt: zara * jeans: vero moda * shoes: bb up *


  1. cute top..

  2. love this outfit!

    you got the little sign in Paris, didn't you? :P

  3. @simonne: thanks. it was a gift from paris, i love it!

  4. j'aime beaucoup tes chaussures, et port├ęs avec ton slim, j'adore