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eyes on the target

sunday afternoon me and my boyfriend decided to take a trip outside the city, have a little picnic and shoot our bow. the weather was quite hot but overcast so the light was always changing, but it was kinda good cause you don't want to sun in your eyes when you shoot with a bow and arrow. a cute stray dog decided to follow us (seems we keep attracting stray dogs lately) and we were glad to have a companion along the way. i had been waiting for an opportunity like this to pull out my harem pants, which by the way i call my mc hammer pants (seems more suited). they were my most worn item last summer and i intend to keep it that way this season too. they are for sure the most comfortable thing ever, unless you try and do a spin wheel, like i did, in which case you realize you can't really spread your legs as much as you would like to. hope everyone had as much fun this weekend as i did, and let's hope this week will be a great one too. oh, and check out the arrow leaving the bow in the last picture, isn't that awesome?

t-shirt: thrifted; pants: bershka * shoes: random


  1. oh, this outfit is super cool. LOVE those pants. Yes, they look super comfortable! I think it is so awesome you have a bow and arrow you go about shooting!! So cool!! And that last shot is awesome!

  2. love the pictures, they are amazing! your outfit is so chic and comfy, perfect for a walk in the nature!

  3. hay dear..
    this is my first time on your blog and i love it so much so im following you, i like your sweatpants and your hair :) would you check out mine and follow me back??
    thankyou so much gorgeouss,
    love, callista

  4. Love the pants, you look so comfortable and in the same time so chic:)

    I love the fact the you have an arrow and a bow:)
    Lots of hugs

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