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o captain my captain

stripes are one of my favorite things ever and that's no secret. from stripes to a nautical theme there's only one small step to take. after all, coco herself got inspired by the sailors and wore her now famous striped shirts. now let's move on even further. say you combine the a striped shirt with a pair of high rise shorts with cute little anchor buttons on the side. it doesn't get better than this. oh, wait it does, when these two things actually come together. imagine my excitement when I saw this cute romper on the raks. i knew it had to be mine immediately. i don't even remember ever wearing a romper. well, maybe when i was a kid, but i have no memory of such thing. my excitement grew even bigger as i realized there's an old boat that could be the perfect background for a shoot. so, with the boyfriend by my side, took a stroll down the canal right to the boat. it's great taking some outdoor shots for a change, and having someone to smile at behind that camera. sorry mr. tripod but you're not as fun.

romper: amisu * socks: charme * shoes: red lips


  1. lovely pants.lovely you and seems a lovely day too :)

  2. gorgeous!! perfectly nautical!!! :D

  3. Super cute! We must be on the same wavelength because I have a striped look coming up too - they really are just too much fun :)

    xoxo Maria