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the stone roses - love spreads (yeah, she's my sister)

well, obviously i'm going to dedicate this post to my sister. it's going to be pretty obvious for her just by reading the title, but i thought i would put it out there just to be sure. it was her birthday last week, so again, a big happy birthday to my little sis. i went to see her and give her some presents and ended up with a present for myself. you see, she has taken an interest (again) in knitting and crocheting lately and has been making all kinds of wonderful things like scarves, beanies, sweaters and whatnot. she's quite handy and talented. you'd never guess in a million years she's a software developer chick. well, she had made all these colored crochet flowers and so i asked her to make a couple more red ones that we could put together for a necklace. we tried out several placements for the flowers and when we were happy with the result she sowed them together. when i got home i altered an old chain necklace and put the flowers on it and... voilĂ ! i really wanted it to stand out so i wore it with a stripped shirt, red pleated skirt and floral tights.

shirt: thrifted * skirt, tights: h&m * boots: alto gradimento * necklace: handmade
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that joke isn't funny anymore

i was gonna make a comment about the weather, say how fed up i am with all the snow piling up in the city which is now turning into slush and mud. but actually i have a happier thought in mind. i was just about to start writing this post when i remembered a friend told me about russel peters' stand up comedy act. i started watching some videos on the internet and then couldn't stop. i was laughing so hard i could barely contain myself, i feared i was going to  make an absolute fool of myself and scare off the neighbors. he is one funny guy and anything else i might think of to say to describe him would be such an understatement. so hurry up, go search for him online. but not before taking a sneak peek at the ensemble i put to together for a walk in the park on sunday afternoon. i wanted to get all fancied up in a dress for the stroll and kept everything in a very limited color palette. i love how the dress, cardigan and tights come together.

coat: topshop * dress: thrifted * cardigan: zara * tights: mondex * boots: alto gradimento
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