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you can be the boss

here's phase two of my hair color development - i told you this is a work in progress. this is actually what i was going for, a tie dye washed out effect. i love that there are layers of different shades of purple under the surface. my hair has never been this light before, so i am still trying to figure out what to wear with it. meanwhile i just wear a lot of black. to some people it's depressing but i find black quite empowering. i've been also playing around with combining different nail polishes lately, especially pretty pastels. here's the mint/purple version. one of the reasons why i love purple so much is the fact that it's the most misunderstood color. everyone sees it differently and that's the beauty of it.

dress: Tally Weijl * tights: H&M * flats: BB Up
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Tom Tailor - store opening

last weekend i was invited to attend the official opening of the Tom Tailor store in Iulius Mall Timisoara. it was a great opportunity to get acquainted with the brand and their fall collection. it also gave me the chance to meet some of my fellow bloggers. it was super nice to meet these gals in person and hang out with them. we are quite a rare breed in our town, so we must stick together. and now, here comes a picture flood.

* i am wearing: blouse, skirt: thrifted * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell * bag: vintage
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coz I'm a punk rocker yes I am

enough with the suspense... tah dah! here is my new hair color. of course, those of you who follow skinny buddha on facebook are already au courant with the big purple news. I've been planning this change for quite a while and I am so happy it turned out exactly as I wanted it. the color will gradually fade away and the tie dye effect will be more visible after every wash. speaking of tie dye, I couldn't help but wear this dress I thrifted a while ago. I can only imagine this was someone's little DIY project, but isn't it cool? wore it with heart printed tights and zebra flats. oh, and skull earrings. so, i think i've got enough elements to call this a chic punk look.

 dress: thrifted* tights: Charme * flats: BB Up
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we must never be apart

this color is definitely my season favorite and I really love that it matches my hair perfectly. well, I thought I would give this a shot before I change my hair color. the draping on the top is beautifully done and really flattering, especially on those of us less endowed in the chest department. and that little side detail is really sweet. it would have been perfect if it had doubled as a pouch, you could keep your phone, keys, lipstick or whatever in there. as you can see we're not quite done with decorating our apartment so our pictures are still lying on the floor. it's nice to have a spot for taking pictures indoors because i am surely not getting out of the house on this sucky weather. I hope you guys are enjoying my new song link feature, this one is a blast from the past and quite inspiring fashion wise.

dress: no label * tights, rings: H&M * shoes: BB Up
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shake dog, shake, shake, shake

I can't get over how cute this top is. in case you are wondering what the print is, scroll down - it's little schnauzer dogs! how awesome is that?! add in the peter pan collar and the fact that this was a birthday present (thanks again, sis!), and you can bet I am beyond happy. as part of adjusting to the new season I've been wearing a lot of black lately. man, I missed that. I've also got big plans for a new hair color. you know me, I need to change things up, every once in a while. I can't say  more, not because i like being mysterious (ok, so maybe I do, just a little), but because I need to make sure it will turn out exactly the way I picture it before spilling the beans. my hair appointment is on friday, so stay tuned.

 top, skirt: H&M * sandals: Jeffrey Campbell
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you're a drifter, shapeshifter

first of all, i have to excuse myself for my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere. you see, my guy and i moved to another apartment and it has been a little chaotic round here. on the plus side, our new digs has been recently renovated, is spacious, sunny and quiet and the rent is smaller. although we spent the last few months alone in the other apartment, it's nice to know we picked this place together and we get to see for real how it is to live on our own. on the other hand, the packing-moving-furniture assembling process killed our backs and we had no internet for a whole week!!! it's not that long, i know, but i couldn't keep up with all my internet stuff on my iphone. now that we're all settled it, and i actually know where all my clothes are, i had a chance to put together a decent outfit. yay for fall colors! i am pretty excited to wear dark shades of green and brown accessories. this jumpsuit was my last year's fall staple and i am sure i'll be wearing it on repeat this season too. it's not so great for riding the bike though, since the palazzo legs get caught in the chain from time to time, but totally makes it a ride in style.

jumper: H&M * bag: vintage * sandals: thrifted
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