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you're a drifter, shapeshifter

first of all, i have to excuse myself for my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere. you see, my guy and i moved to another apartment and it has been a little chaotic round here. on the plus side, our new digs has been recently renovated, is spacious, sunny and quiet and the rent is smaller. although we spent the last few months alone in the other apartment, it's nice to know we picked this place together and we get to see for real how it is to live on our own. on the other hand, the packing-moving-furniture assembling process killed our backs and we had no internet for a whole week!!! it's not that long, i know, but i couldn't keep up with all my internet stuff on my iphone. now that we're all settled it, and i actually know where all my clothes are, i had a chance to put together a decent outfit. yay for fall colors! i am pretty excited to wear dark shades of green and brown accessories. this jumpsuit was my last year's fall staple and i am sure i'll be wearing it on repeat this season too. it's not so great for riding the bike though, since the palazzo legs get caught in the chain from time to time, but totally makes it a ride in style.

jumper: H&M * bag: vintage * sandals: thrifted


  1. lovely! imi plac foarte multe manecile salopetei si printul...foarte feminin!
    I feel you with the living together thing....great feeling! :)