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i'll do graffiti if you sing to me in french

well that's enough, i can't take anymore. i sure hope this is the last heavy snow fall we'll be seeing in the city. i'm leaving tomorrow for some mountain snow for a change and i'll be treating myself to a whole week of snowboarding bliss. today was all about being comfortable as i had to walk my way through snow trenches as i went to work. the pictures were snatched during my lunch break and luckily the snow ceased to fall for a couple of hours. i went for purple jeans and a simple top and then bundled up in my coziest sweater. i've been longing for a green beanie since the beginning of winter and last week my sister was kind enough to knit one for me. isn't is cool? and isn't my sister just awesome for doing this? that's about it folks, i've got some packing to do. hope you have a wonderful weekend. and it better be spring when i come back.

 coat: rinascimento * cardigan: thrifted: shirt: bershka * jeans: vero moda * beanie: made by my sister
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it's just a question of time

I don't know what it is but i don't seem to have enough time for anything right now. or maybe i've just been really bad at managing my spare time. i haven't had much time to blog lately but i've been keeping an eye on all of you out there in the blogosphere, so don't you worry. this is the little ensemble i am wearing today. i don't mean to mislead into thinking i am always wearing dresses and skirts (which i actually am most of the time). i do wear pants occasionally but i guess i often fail to document those outfits, or they sometimes seem unworthy to post. don't really know what to call the top i am wearing today. is this a tunic? let's call it a tunic. i've been a really good girl lately and stayed away from black pieces (in an effort to bring more color to my wardrobe) and so decided this was a fair compromise. i really love the dark green in the middle and the bright orange. i chose some earrings in similar colors. my earrings are always coordinated with my outfits, though it may not be always apparent. these ones were handmade by a local artist and they are inspired by the wonderful buildings designed by hundertwasser. speaking of color, my hair needs a touch up really bad cause my roots are showing and the color is washing out. but i don't have time for that either. 3 more days and i'm going on vacation. sweeeet!!!

 tunic: eleven * cardigan: thrifted * jeans: vero moda * boots: red lips * earrings: handmande
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tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week

i'm supposed to be doing something else right now but since i do like to indulge in procrastination from time to time, i am blogging instead. i can assure you this activity is far more pleasant than what i am actually supposed to do. and you are the happy winners of my procrastination because you get to see what i was wearing today. let me start by telling you what i am not wearing, and that is: heart prints, the color red, sexy lingerie, lipstick or fancy jewelry. valentine's day is not something i celebrate and i would prefer not to be dragged in everybody else's red hearted madness. don't get me wrong, i am not against the idea behind this day, i just don't like imported holidays and the consumerism it entangles. anyhow, we've had a pretty clouded sky throughout the day and some of the colors didn't quite come through as i wished in the pictures. for example, my dress turned out grey when it's instead a pale green. i went again for a play on textures and combining something delicate and flowy with dark colors and faux snake skin leggings. this dress is also rather short so leggings are a wiser choice as opposed to tights. i've had this ensemble in mind for quite some time, so getting dressed this morning took no time. it sure is a great way to kick start the day.

dress, cardigan: h&m * leggings: stradivarius * shoes: dgm
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gonna mount my horse and ride into the sunset

i am truly contended with the costumery i put together today. i rarely dress with a specific theme in mind but today i must have done a good job since a couple of people asked me if i was going horseback riding. so at the end of the day i can say mission accomplished. i am most pleased with my khakis, they have proved themselves to be highly versatile. they can either be dressed up or down and today they did a great job looking as horse riding pants. but this is of course only in theory, because put to the real test they would literally burst at the seams if i ever attempted to mount a horse in them. the finishing touch was my double breasted jacket, which also has a military vibe to it. i wanted to do something a little more different on top and so i went for a black lace button down shirt and a purple cardigan with a crochet flower brooch.
since i began writing all this an old song popped into my head. do you guys remember this video from the 90s?

jacket, bag: h&m * pants: stradivarius * shirt, belt: thrifted * cardigan: missy glam * boots: afrodita
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here we are again, i feel the chemicals kickin' in

sunny days like the ones we've been having lately must be celebrated. i though lady spring might need a little more convincing to come visit us sooner and so i wanted to put together a whimsical outfit but with a twist. i started off with my floral tights. i guess i do that sometimes, creating outfits around a pair of tights. i don't always start with a central piece, like a dress or a top and work my way around that, the stating point can be anything from a pair of shoes, an accessory, one color or a hairstyle. well, now that i think about it, the starting point was actually the belt. i just picked it up from my mom's closet last weekend and i was really anxious to wear it. it seems that everytime i go visit my parents i borrow stuff from my mom's. the dress isn't quite the typical spring dress but i do seem to love neutrals regardless the season.  for an extra doze of whimsy i topped things off with my little birds printed cardigan and i braided my hair on the side. to add just a tiny bit of edge to something that would have been much too girly for my taste i wore my studded boots. then i had lunch on a bench outside in the square and basked in the sun. it would have been a perfect day if i hadn't have to go back to work.
cardigan: bershka * dress: c&a * tights: h&m * belt: my mom's * boots: afrodita
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the great indoors

the week is closing to an end and i lost all the willpower to face the cold outside. as brave as i was at the beginning of the week, now i cannot even bare the thought of losing my coat for the sake of some outfit shots. sorry darlings but this redhead here is safely secured in the warm nest of her bedroom and won't be subjected to any more shivering. the temperatures are supposed to be rising over the weekend, so i shall be back outside for picture taking pretty soon. these past few days have been quite unproductive as far as my outfit creativity goes. as for now, i am happily keeping myself cozy with knitted over the knee socks and my boyfriend's sweater. i'm spending the evening indulging in pleasant activities such as drinking tea, reading magazines and watching my favorite shows. 

boyfriend sweater: h&m * tights: charme * socks: stradivarius * ring: pull&bear

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frosted flake wood

everything's so white and frosty outside, and i decided to bring a pop of color to the scenery. it's still freezing cold out and though i tried, i could only leave my coat aside for just a couple of seconds. i had to immediatelly put it back on otherwise i would have turned blue, as blue as my dress. i've been obsessing lately over lace tights and these are a new addition to my wardrobe. for warmth, i layered them over a pair of very thin light blue tights but it didn't do much good in the battle against the cold. i do love however the effect of that tiny bit of lace peeking from under the dress, and they have such a nice pearl shade. i am already envisioning styling this up with a pair of over the knee lace stockings for spring, but that seems so far away now. until then, i decided to make bright colors and lace tights my winter staple. they make it so much easier to cope with the dropping temperatures.

coat: topshop * dress: mango * cardigam. tights: h&m * boots: random
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