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gonna mount my horse and ride into the sunset

i am truly contended with the costumery i put together today. i rarely dress with a specific theme in mind but today i must have done a good job since a couple of people asked me if i was going horseback riding. so at the end of the day i can say mission accomplished. i am most pleased with my khakis, they have proved themselves to be highly versatile. they can either be dressed up or down and today they did a great job looking as horse riding pants. but this is of course only in theory, because put to the real test they would literally burst at the seams if i ever attempted to mount a horse in them. the finishing touch was my double breasted jacket, which also has a military vibe to it. i wanted to do something a little more different on top and so i went for a black lace button down shirt and a purple cardigan with a crochet flower brooch.
since i began writing all this an old song popped into my head. do you guys remember this video from the 90s?

jacket, bag: h&m * pants: stradivarius * shirt, belt: thrifted * cardigan: missy glam * boots: afrodita


  1. Oh yes I love this lace blouse! Fabulous!

  2. hei,lasa-mi si mie id-ul tau te rog:)

  3. a nice equestrian inspiration, Love the combination, so chic !