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I want it painted black

Skinny Buddha black lace kimono

Ah, back again to my life long love of black. After a sudden heat wave, the temperatures are back to normal for this time of the year and I am able to wear an all black ensemble without melting. I can never get tired of black and it's a true life saver. Whenever I stare at my wardrobe thinking I have nothing to wear, black always saves me. You will see me wearing this lace kimono all through the summer, it's such a versatile piece, I could not get bored with it. Have you thought already what will your summer staple be? 

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Irresistible Me clip-in hair extensions

Irresistible Me clip on hair extensions

I recently changed my hair color and got a trim, and while my hair is still long, it's not as long as it used to be and now I cannot wait for it to grow back. I know this might sound silly but I am sure you girls know exactly what I am talking about. So it was perfect timing when Irresistible Me contacted me to try out their Remy clip-in hair extensions. I had never had hair extensions so I was really excited about this. They have a wide range of colors to choose from and I went for the Golden Blonde in 18 inch length, so that they are a bit longer than my actual hair length and 140 grams in weight. 

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Bohemian like you

Skinny Buddha C&A shorts crochet blouse

I can hardly believe it's already time for shorts and bare legs. I wonder what I will be wearing when the heat wave really starts to kick in. And while this is for sure destined for the weekend, with a few tweaks here and there I can somehow pull this off for the office as well, come July and August. Well, to tell you the truth, I imagined shooting this outfit outside the city in a field somewhere but sometimes things do not go as planned and the location in your mind turns out to be a disappointment, so we had to settle for the city instead. I know, boooring.... I am already picturing myself wearing these pieces on heavy rotation all summer long, especially during vacation. It's going to be a boho chic summer, I tell you!

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Operation cannot possibly fail

Skinny Buddha turquoise ombre hair mint perforated skirt

I am still trying to figure out what works best with my new hair, and what doesn't. Meanwhile, I am keeping things simple and went the matchy matchy way. There's never a better time to wear pastels than in spring, whether it's your clothes, accessories or hair... or even all of them at the same time. I've had this perforated skirt for a couple of years now, but I still love it and feels brand new every time I wear it. I love pieces like this that are standing out and making a statement but in a more subtle way. My friend Laura owns the matching top but we never got around to wear them at the same time and take some snaps. Maybe next time...

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Skinny Buddha black top pleated skirt turquoise hair Mango bucket bag

Hello, hello! It's great to be back and hopefully back to my regular posting schedule as well. After a well deserved break I am now ready to resume my blogging activities, because the truth is I've missed this and I missed hanging out with you guys. Well, you know me... I can never go long without changing my mane, whether it's a new hairstyle or haircolor. So of course, one of the first things I did after returning to the country was booking an appointment with my awesome hairdresser. I paid him a visit yesterday and tah dah! my turquoise mermaid hair in all it's glory! I must admit I was a bit apprehensive about trying out this new color, but I just love it now. I kept things simple with an all black outfit and nude accessories. What do you guys think?

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