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that joke isn't funny anymore

i was gonna make a comment about the weather, say how fed up i am with all the snow piling up in the city which is now turning into slush and mud. but actually i have a happier thought in mind. i was just about to start writing this post when i remembered a friend told me about russel peters' stand up comedy act. i started watching some videos on the internet and then couldn't stop. i was laughing so hard i could barely contain myself, i feared i was going to  make an absolute fool of myself and scare off the neighbors. he is one funny guy and anything else i might think of to say to describe him would be such an understatement. so hurry up, go search for him online. but not before taking a sneak peek at the ensemble i put to together for a walk in the park on sunday afternoon. i wanted to get all fancied up in a dress for the stroll and kept everything in a very limited color palette. i love how the dress, cardigan and tights come together.

coat: topshop * dress: thrifted * cardigan: zara * tights: mondex * boots: alto gradimento

1 comment:

  1. I like how the items in the same color palette look so great together!:)