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emotional landscapes

i have no words to describe just how perfect this day was. it was still pretty cold outside but the sun was shining so bright, the sky was a perfect blue and it was oh so quiet. i don't usually do this, but when i learned we were going to spend saturday outdoors i seized the chance of taking an extra set of photos for the blog, given that i rarely have time for this nowadays. so i carefully packed a few things without trying them on first and just hoped for the best. turned out it was quite well coordinated with the landscape. too bad winter days are so short, i would have loved to stay there a bit longer my kindle in my hands and just immerse in a world of fantasy. i probably mentioned this before, but i am not a big winter fan. i do enjoy some winter activities, mainly snowboarding but most of all i'd like winter to stay in the mountains and away from the city. oh summer, how i wish you could come sooner. i have so many things planned already.

sweater, belt: thrifted * shirt: antante * skirt: h&m * tights: accessorize * boots: alto gradimento

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  1. I LOVE that skirt!! Your printed tights & cardi look great too xo