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this bloody mary's lacking in tabasco

i think i might have an editing problem. for example, i never know for sure if i have accessorized an outfit too much or too little, or if everything really goes together or one if the items is the odd one out. but since i make my own rules i usually don't quite care what anyone will think, so i just do as i please. putting this ensemble together was quite a challenge, not that it's in any way spectacular or anything. i wanted to include everything from bold statement jewelry to color, patterns and textures and then some. i kept throwing things off and piling new stuff on and wasn't content at all. i knew i wanted to keep the sweater since it's a new entry (thrifted of course) and the softest coziest thing i've ever laid my hands on. i ended up layering it over a paisley print dress. in the end i was content with all the layering and the color palette. i wore this to a leonardo da vinci exhibition and then hung out for coffee with a dear friend and enjoyed a beautiful sunny saturday afternoon.

 sweater, bag: thrifted * dress: extrose * tights: calzedonia * socks, bangle: topshop * beanie: handmade by my sis * boots: alto gradimento

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  1. I simply adore your boots and that bag is amazing! Great print it has and it pops-out so beautifully! :D