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cause you and i, we were born to die

i don't mean to sound pessimistic now that a new year has begun, it's just that i am absolutely hooked on this song. it happens to me all the time, something vibrates so right with me when the lyrics of a song are just right. don't care too much about lana's looks, i find she could do better that that, but i am absolutely enchanted by her voice. now let me explain what is going on here. i think i am starting to get over this mixed prints trend, but to give it maybe one more try i decided to mix the same polka dot print but in different sizes and colors. and i quite like the result. i like how the polka dots on the dress are scarcer on the top and become more abundant in the bottom. then there's something quite retro about this cardigan, had it been a little bit more fitted and shorter it would have really looked like pinup wear. with this thought in mind i actually considered changing my hair style a bit. as you can see, this wasn't quite a successful attempt at curling my hair, but hopefully i'll do better next time. at least the color still looks great, but i plan on paying a visit to the salon next week to update it and get a trim.

dress: h&m * cardigan: thrifted * tights: fiore * boots: random

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