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i got a love that keeps me waiting

well, i don't know about you guys but i had quite a fun weekend. i went out with friends on friday night and had a blast, slept till noon on saturday and then got all dressed up to take some pics so i could show you guys the sweater and anchor necklace i picked up at the thrift store recently. i ended up swapping the skirt and tights for pants later on as we were planning to go ice skating, which we didn't get to do cause we got there kinda late and it was so packed. instead we had  a stroll and a nice, quiet dinner at our favorite italian place. i did get to go ice skating with some friends on sunday though, which went pretty well considering it was my second time on skates. i did fall (not very gracefully) a couple of times and it's a surprise my legs are fine given that i bruise quite easily. i'm not a fan of winter but as long as it's sunny outside i endure the cold better and as long as there are outdoor activities to keep me warm i don't mind it that much. and all this time this song was playing in my mind.

sweater, necklace: thrifted * skirt: only * tights, socks: charme * boots: jeffrey campbell

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving everything about this outfit!
    The textured jumper, the printed skirt, the super cute heart tights with the OTK socks and those AMAZING shoes are a great combination xo