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happy new year!

happy new year, my darlings! hope you had a blast last night. this is what i wore to the festivities. of course i didn't get a chance to take pictures last night so i had to recreate it today, make up an all. it all stinks of cigarette smoke now but the things i won't do for fashion, right? the whole ensemble had this detachable collar as the center piece, which was a gift from my best friend and i had been trying to find out a way to wear it for quite a while. i thought at first i needed to make it work seamlessly with whatever top i chose to wear, so that you couldn't really tell it was a detachable collar. but then i thought it should be quite the opposite, you should be able to tell what it is because that's the whole beauty of it, especially with this bright color. so i found the right sweater with the perfect neckline and opted for a black base upon which i should splatter some color. i knew i wanted to wear a skirt with pockets on it so i could keep my phone in handy for all the midnight calls i would have to make. i realized i don't own too many skirts that have pockets so instead i turned this patchwork asymmetric dress into a skirt. i couldn't miss the chance of wearing my red litas so they were an obvious choice. add on some black rings and earrings and a vintage clutch and i was ready to shine for the big night!

shirt: thrifted * dress worn as skirt: mihaela creteanu * tights, collar: random * clutch: vintage * shoes: jeffrey campbell

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