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we're moving empty boxes, what a waste

it's funny how you can get attached to some of the pieces you own and wear them over and over again. it's such a contradiction, but there are those periods when you feel like you have nothing to wear and stare at the closet for minutes on end, and then the ones when you buy new pieces or rediscover long forgotten ones and you wear them non stop. the second scenario is happening to me right now, so i figured i shouldn't bother you with the same outfits i seem to keep putting on lately. instead i thought i might try and get an outfit together for a party i will be attending on saturday. i know there's plenty of time left, and knowing myself, i'll probably come up with several other 5 minutes before leaving for the party, but here's what i came up with. keep in mind it's a hip hop/ dj set kinda party so i have an excuse to get wild and crazy. now that i  look at  it, it's more rocker than anything, but it'll do just fine. i love it when i have an excuse to get crazy with the accessories, and the belt is my all time favorite. there's another picture of it in this post.

 dress: thrifted * socks: random * shoes: dgm * belt: thrifted


  1. lol I totally understand the need to get ready way beforehand- I'm already packed for MI and not leaving til Friday!
    I realllllly like this look! That purple belt is so awesome!! Hope you have fun!!=)

  2. So much fun!!! So fierce! LOVE that belt. Yep, I love this look.

  3. So freaking cute! I have a pair of socks like that and I am just so not cool enough to pull them off. I think you can do it so well with your geometric, perfectly straight cut bangs and clean face. I hope you have fun at your party! And thank you again.

  4. LOVE that belt and your socks!!! So cute!!!

    If you have a super long silver necklace (especially a cross or something kinda goth-y), that might look really cute too - think something that hits between the bottom of your cleavage and a couple inches above your belt.

    And black lace or fishnet gloves would look super sexy too. In fact, black or any bright color will work perfectly.

    Just some thoughts... Love your other outfits too!