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slowly we unfurl as lotus flowers

spending time outdoors is my favorite weekend activity and i probably already mentioned this a million times. this weekend was no exception. saturday's outing consisted of a stroll to my favorite bookshop where i picked up some reading material, getting a strawberry shake and soaking up some sun on the benches in my favorite city square, then a walk in the park and taking some outfit shots, followed by a delicious vegan meal. getting dressed for such pleasant activities is pretty simple. i just trow on a dress and i'm ready to go. i was happy to pull this one out of the closet because of the colors in it, they just scream out joy and happiness. i thifted it about a year ago and it was one of my favorite altering projects. i love me a shirt dress but this one was a couple sizes too big for me and had a totally unflattering length. so i cut it just over the knee and made a belt out of the excess fabric. for me, the most important rule when thrift shopping is being able to see the potential of an item, not necessarily a perfect fit.

dress: thrifted * tights: random * flats: stradivarius

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