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the distance from A to where you'd B

i had long given up taking outfit shots up on the roof of my building after a confrontation with a grumpy elderly neighbor which ended with me being locked out on the roof by the said neighbor. i managed to get off by taking an adjacent flight of stairs and then going back into my building and straight to the neighbor's door. so today when getting home, i went up without much hope and discovered to my surprise the door was unlocked and there was no neighbor in sight. there's nothing spectacular about my roof top except for the sky and a pretty view of the city and i love taking my time taking photos by myself. one thing is for sure, evening light is just perfect for taking photos for being a much warmer light as opposed to the cold light of morning. you'll have to excuse my crumpled dress, it's the natural result of spending all day in front of the computer at work. the dress has this beautiful lace detail over the shoulders and i wanted to play off it with a pair of lace tights with a delicate flower pattern. to cover up, i chose a navy cardigan and a matching scarf and my beloved oxfords.

cardigan: okay * dress: bershka * tights, shoes: h&m * scarf: random


  1. Well! What a rude neighbor! I'm glad you were able to make your way up again regardless ;) I love this outfit, it looks great on you! Those tights are beautiful

    xoxo Maria