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The best of 2014

It's only natural to become nostalgic now on the eleventh hour. I'm taking a look back at 2014, remembering the moments and experiences that have defined it. It's a fun exercise I like to do each year and documenting my everyday outfits have proven to be beneficial not only for my self esteem (a small dose of narcissism is part of being a fashion blogger) but also for my memory. Ah yes, and also it's a reminder of how my money was spent. Years from now I will take a look at how my style evolved year after year, at fashion trends that have come and gone and I will be able to recall the settings and the moods captured in these pictures. Nobody flicks through photo albums anymore and I am happy to have this repository to share with all of you. 2014 you have been awesome, 2015 bring it on!

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