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baby, did you forget to take your meds?

well here it is, another one of the dresses i recently thrifted. i am pretty sure this one will remain my absolute summer favorite, at least for this summer. i love its cream color and pretty little flowers. i just bought the hat today with the intent of wearing it during my vacation next week, but i just couldn't help putting it on for the shoot. i must say it's the perfect accessory for this dress. i had to refrain from showcasing again my orange red bag, otherwise you guys would grow sick of it, but i did wear it to work today. i think i am again running a fever, as we speak, so that's my excuse for my slightly red eyes. gotta hurry and get back to bed, gotta get some more rest. have a lovely week, everyone!

dress, belt: thrifted * shoes: bb up * hat: meli melo

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